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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Everyday this week I've been out exploring rural back roads. Today I ended up on Old Liberty Road in Asheboro, NC.
Porky, nice pics. I enjoy riding near the water - lakes, rivers, or ocean. Bonus if there's a good restaurant with a view!
Today I rode to Cary, NC for the monthly Cars & Coffee event. Lot's of great cars. Here's a few snap shots.

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Rode around Lake Jordan then made a pit stop at the Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro. Here's a few snap shots of some of the other bikes that also stopped in.

Modded Ducati ST4

Aprilia Tuono V4

1945 Indian Chief

2012 Ural

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Rode 100+ miles for a brisket sandwich and some hush puppies at The Pik-n-Pig in Carthage, NC. It's a tiny BBQ joint right on a small airstrip. I enjoyed lunch on the outdoor patio while watching the planes land and take off.

To get there I followed RT 902, a nice 2-lane country road.

Today is one of those crisp September days with a Carolina blue sky. So nice to get some cool weather for a change.

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Sunday morning ride around Lake Jordan.

Pulled into the Carolina Brewery for a pit stop and witnessed a little drama.

Six Urals with sidecars were lining up for a photo when one guy in an olive green rig ground gears and stalled when slipping his into reverse. So, he kick started it and gave it lots of throttle. This time when he ground it into reverse it took off on him, jumped the curb and hit the sidecar rig next to him.

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I have never seen that bar before!

Is that a Piper Cub in your earlier picture?
The Carolina Brewery is on 15/501 in Pittsboro just after the 64 intersection.

It may be a Piper Cub. I'm not much for small planes, though years ago I used to fly a lot on business with a colleague who had a Cessna 210 then he moved up to a Cessna 340 twin engine.
I have never seen that bar before!

Is that a Piper Cub in your earlier picture?
Nope, not a Piper Cub. It's a 2-seat single engine (Lycoming O-360 SERIES) experimental built in 2004. I just did a tail number search and came up with the info. Here's the link if you ever need to trace a tail number. Oh, wait...maybe you won't need the info because spy drones don't have tail numbers.:biggrin:

Correction: Apparently drones have traceable id's. Follow this link then scroll to the bottom for the list of COA's and air worthiness certificates.
Today - I'm packing the bike.

Tomorrow I'm going to try another Iron Butt ride. If I complete it, it will be my 5th one this year!
This one will be challenging, almost half of it will be 2-lane roads.
I can't wait to try!
Rollin', 5th one this year! You might be an over achiever! :biggrin:

Good luck with your Iron Butt ride.
Strafed Old Liberty Road with my friend Keith, a former road racer. Today he rode his '74 Guzzi.

I ran over a dead snake on the way back! Lucky it wasn't while I was leaning on a curve. :biggrin:

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I'm a big fan of apple picking and apple pie!! Apple cider donuts too!!
I added a LaminarLip to my windscreen to test out. Good additional wind protection but it is noisier. I'll keep it for touring and the cold winter months.

Also, received my order of two Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bags from Revzilla and decided to test them out. I like these because they load from the side instead of the end. Makes it easier to get what you're looking for without having to empty everything out.

I packed one with my tent, footprint, tarp, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Into the second one I packed a week's worth of clothes, shaving kit, towels etc. I strapped the two bags together and then fastened them to the bike with Rok Straps. There's plenty of D-rings to attach rain gear and other stuff.

Haa, all packed up for a one week trip but only had a few hours to ride! Everything tested out ok. Now I'm ready and looking forward to traveling.

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Thanks for the tip. Yeah I have one of those Walmart duffels bags too. Worked ok for stowing gear in the canoe when fishing.

Riding friends who camp have recommended Ortlieb Rack Packs and Wolfman Expedition Bags. The Wolfman has lots of good reviews on Revzilla. I hope to still be a fan after testing it on a road trip.

I'll definitely use a trash bag liner just to be on the safe side.
Removed the LaminarLip windscreen extension. It was too noisy - not just wind noise, but a weird harmonic too.

Took a ride to Mount Airy, the home town of actor Andy Griffith. Had lunch at Barney's Caf茅. Here's a selfy with Barney looking over my shoulder.

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Met up with my bikes previous owner. He gave me 3 free sets of Carbone Lorraine brake pads (2 front and 1 rear).

While I was there a guy pulled in with a skeleton as a passenger! Reminded me of The Grateful Dead!

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Tinkered with my GPS wiring. Unhooked the SAE to USB Charger Adapter. Replaced it with a Battery Tender quick connect cigarette lighter socket and a standard mini-USB power cable.

Took a ride to the beach at Lake Jordan's Ebenezer Church Park.

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At noon Saturday the sun was shining and the temp was around 45. I rode along Old Greensboro Road, a fun back road with some twists and hills and lots of farms. Didn't see another bike until I was on my way back home. Going up a hill I glanced in my mirrors and saw a bike way back there and coming fast. I was doing about 10 over the 55 limit. He passed me going triple digits on a Daytona 675R. I chuckled at his recklessness and hoped he would make it to his destination in one piece.
Rode to the BMW dealer for my bike's annual NC State inspection. Tried on a Shoei GT-Air helmet. Felt good, like the features, pricey @ $549, DOT but not Snell. Wonder how noise levels compare at highway speeds.
Rode the Beemer to a Cars and Coffee meet-up.

3 window coupe with rumble seat


Gran Torino


MGB GT with a V8. Also a couple of Cobras.
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I pushed it!

I rode with some friends to celebrate Veterans Day. We had a blast riding hard on some incredible back roads. Stopped for a late lunch and then split up to go our separate ways home.

I decided to stop for gas. A quarter mile from the station it sputtered and died. It ran out of gas! Note to self...the gauge is not accurate and there's no warning light!

I ended up pushing the bike into the station! I'm still laughing at myself and thankful it happened so close to a station. :)
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