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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Ordered more parts for my dead CBR.
Replaced the alternator cover 2 weeks ago, charging problem solved..... was fine until this past Sunday went out for a ride, 160 miles into it I stop for gas, go to start the bike, nada! Was able to bump start to get home. Looks like the rectifier/regulator went(should have replaced it when I did the alternator). Went to the local dealership in hope of getting the part sooner, they come out with a quote of just over $300.00. I was like "are you kidding me?" I had found the Honda part online for ~$170.00. The parts guy tells me "no way", I was like OK I will order it online and wait not a problem and start to walk out. He calls me back and asks me "what will it take for me to buy it from him?", I a was like match the online price.... He comes back with $250, I am like "nope, still to high". He tells me that a price below that is impossible for a Honda part, I asked him if he had internet at his terminal, he did, asked him to look up he goes to the sight and gets frustrated looking for the part. I told him I found it by putting in the Honda part number. Guess what! He sold me the Honda part for $170.00 Pays to search it out online.
Thinking it is time to sell the CBR.
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I gave 165.00 for the MOSFET r/r on my Street Triple. Then Triumph had a recall on the JFET r/r and gave me another one free. So I've got a backup.
That is a good thing!
Installed new rectifier /voltage regulator. Solved the charging problem. Riding to work tomorrow!:icon_cool:
I rode 130 miles. It was very good. Stopped for gas and a snapple, met some really nice fellow bikers at the Sussex Quik check.
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Almost bought the farm on my way to work! Heading down the road when a cage driver decided to turn left exactly in front of me. Not sure how I did not hit him, missed that car by only inches! Stalled the bike, locked both wheels, as it was happening I remember resigning myself to the thought I am going down. Some how I wound up facing the wrong direction on the side street adjacent the service station. The guy parks and gets out of his car and walks away as if nothing happened. I lost it, totally lost it. I screamed not even " I am sorry?, you almost wiped me out!" He replied, "it happened what do you want me to do?" I blew! I didn't hit him, but I left him and the owner of the station a solid peace of my mind! I told what I thought he was and couldnt believe that he was so callous to what had just happened. He was like "I wasn't trying to hit you"
Honestly I am thinking of going back there to find out exactly how he missed me. Bright red bike, red helmet and reflective jacket. Could I have possibly blended in?
I doubt he will speak to me even if I did.
Had to vent, thanks for reading.
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I may go that way, not a big fan of "Day glo"

As far as defensive, not sure what else I could have done. There was no contact and I did not drop my bike. No damage other than how badly it shook me up.
I remember feeling the back wheel starting to come around (possible unintentional stoppie, I was not speeding) and letting up on the front brake a little, that gave me enough steering to make it around the back of the car. I think. It happened really fast.
The conclusions I am coming away with is; he either was not watching and didn't see me, or I blended into the background, or he misjudged how fast and far away I was. I believe that is something many drivers do as a bike coming straight at you is hard to judge it's speed and distance. I think Captain Crash has a video about this.
Nonetheless, I am fortunate that I did not get hurt or damage my bike. A vivid reminder that you cannot trust oncoming traffic.
I'm glad to hear you didn't die today!

I'm also impressed that you were able to overcome the natural urges and handle the situation with maturity and relative calmness. Well done, man!
:wink: Always one for the cool calm approach to a situation.
I definitely ride more defensive that I drive. Probably kept me from wiping out today.
I am going to have to get over the "fashion Statement" and rethink my gear. Good point.
No matter how Hi-Viz you might be, some people just choose to ignore you or they don't realize how dangerous what they're doing can be to a motorcyclist. There's been times where the person knew I was there, made eye contact and KNEW I was there, but whipped into my lane right in front of me or did something else stupid anyway. Their movements would have been dumb if I was in a car and they're even dumber when I'm on a bike. They don't see a human on a machine, they see an inanimate object, like it's a video game or something. Some people are just totally ignorant of others and simply don't care.

I like the operating theory several of my friends have: They may not worry about wearing day-glo colors, but they want their faces to be visible and they want to give the appearance that if you do something stupid they will chase you down, pull you out of the car, and beat you to a pulp. :biggrin:
I would like to adopt that policy, now I need a gym membership to get the bod to back up the attitude.
I've gotten compliments from some concerning the above With the gear on, FWIW.

I will just have to own it, I am 50 and flabby. Need to work on that.
I rode to work today, had to make some visits to various customers, great day here in NJ for that.
I stopped off at Quik check for a snapple and a snack, I pulled into a parking spot next to an elderly lady with a cane, she remarked about how clean my bike is (admittedly I am anal about this and catch a great deal of ribbing from my friends) and she thought it was really neat looking. I thanked her for her compliments and asked if she ever rode. She said yep, once when she was 16 she accepted a date from a young man with a motorcycle and how she was frightened the whole entire time, she told me no helmets in those days! Another gentleman walked up complimented the bike and remarked how all the bikers are always hitting on the girls, I asked him to be quiet as I was still trying to get a date and then I offered the senior citizen a ride. she chuckled and said "sorry sonny, not this time" I wished a good day and that I enjoyed chatting with her,she returned the compliment and we went our various ways. You never know who you may encounter when you ride a motorcycle!
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Did just over 200 miles. Pompton Plains NJ to Carbondale PA via Route 23, High Point, Port Jervis up over Hawks nest and followed route 97 to route six. Very nice trip!
Was finally able to work out a test ride on a 2013 FJR...
I think the CBR is forsale!
I found out that a bit of elbow grease, a blue, non scratching cleaning pad and some window cleaner will remove white paint from my Vision fairing without harming the underlying paint finish. I found that well worth knowing since I had a mark on my fairing from a run in with one of my own garage trim pieces.
I usually use products from Meguiars. I use the glaze for cleaning and the Caranuba wax to shine!
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Rode it to work, rode it home washed it for a ride tomorrow.
Went for a spirited ride up to the Cycle Exchange in Andover, NJ My friends son was looking at a Dyna Glide. They have an amazing inventory of motorcycles. Stopped off for a drink, and then back home. Beautiful day in NJ today.
Only had time to look at mine. Starting to get a little cold here in NJ. Had to winterize the boat, kept planning on taking a fall cruise with it, never happened. It's all good now, she is all put away and winterized.
Jumped on the bike for a short ride. I needed to do that!
Calling for snow tomorrow.
First ride after eye surgery this past Wednesday.....
Was a bit challenging.
Think I am going to wait until I get new eye glasses before I do that again.
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