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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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I rode yesterday for about 100 miles and then after Church I went for a 20 mile spin to look at a 12ftx30ft storage shed. It was 60 yesterday and 64 today so it was real nice riding---middle of December and still riding????

Yesterday, we had blue skies and a high of 60 and I really wanted to ride but I had a LOT of computer work to catch up on and it took priority.

Today, 12-27-14 @ 12:48 pm, it's 35 degrees and snowing pretty good as it has since about 8 AM. Wind Chill is 28 degrees.

Next week also looks cold and if not rainy then snowy:frown:

The Goldwing and the 650 Burgman and the Kymco 500 are in the barn, on a hydraulic lift and covered up---for now.

The new year isn't far away so--HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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No ride today as it's 12 degrees with a 5 degree wind chill factor!:frown:

It was 59 degrees high, Sunday afternoon when I rode in to work on computers for a few hours. Although it was only a 24 mile round trip it was nice to be back in the saddle again! I always think of Roy Rogers when I say that:biggrin:

It needs to warm up about 10 more degrees for me to ride today. I have to get a safety inspection on one of the scooters, so I can finish the registration process.

Looking at the immediate week, the temps are up, so maybe I (WE) can start riding again.:)

It keeps raining here in God's country almost every day so all I've done recently is try to calm my bikes down and tell them that I want to get out on those beautiful country roads as much as they do.:biggrin:

So what year and make of bike is it??

Legal in SLC is a matter of semantics and doctrine:wink:

If Obummer had a Son;)

We had absolutely beautiful weather today so I jumped on the scoot and rode south about 60 miles and had a great breakfast and then south again an additional 20 miles to the Roaring River State park in the Mark Twain National forest recreational area, just about 20 miles north of NW Arkansas.

It started to really cloud up and looked like rain so I headed home at a somewhat high rate of speed and outran the clouds.

I did stop and get my summer BUZZ haircut that makes hot weather so much more enjoyable.

Everything is so green it almost looks surreal.

The Tornado's have went east for now so a friend and I are going to go for a ride into either Kansas, Oklahoma or Arkansas this morning and obviously stop for some nourishment---report to follow!

Sam: The ORIGINAL "Porky!"

Myself and a friend put about 160 miles total on our bikes on Monday. It was finally very beautiful with radiant blue skies, with surreal green everywhere. Only trouble was it was like 52 degrees, with a 15 mph headwind from the direction we traveled into the NOEL Missouri area.

We had a great time because in the rural heartland, on secondary roads, on a week day, there is very little traffic of any kind. We jumped a few deer from hiding and steered around suicidal squirrel's and a pack of hungry, mean wiener dog's!

We settled for lunch instead of our usual big breakfast but a foot long chili dog, fries and strong coffee helped take the chill away. *** No wiener dogs were donor's to make my chili dog:wink:

Currently, it's 41 degrees here---chilly:biggrin:
Very nice!

With the sound of my pipes on my Big Twin Harley, it was hard NOT TO have a "Woody" most of the time:biggrin:

There are some beautiful "Racks" on Harley's too;)

I'm so old I can only talk about it:frown:

I will start my scoot up and head east this morning and maybe do about 175 miles or so roundtrip. Of course I will indulge in the obligatory biscuit's and gravy, compiled in some greasy spoon Ozarks café, where all the food is great.

The weather at 8 AM is beautiful, 65 degrees under blue skies with no wind. High will approach 80 or so.

Be safe and take care everyone.

Thanks Porky for the pictures. Just about every member in my family, including myself are veterans. God bless all that have served, do serve and will serve.

I can only seem to ride between rain storms and it seems like they are here since the beginning of May.

BD, as I was watching that I kept thinking that a huge wave of water was coming!

I had a new 1989 V-max and in order to use it for touring, I would want a real seat and not a leather covered 2X8 and a much larger gas tank. Of course a windscreen would be needed too. I had a very expensive passenger backrest and luggage rack combo from Yamaha's custom parts dept and even in 1989, it was $399:mad:

I also have a2009 Ram 1500 Big Horn, 4x4 hemi pickup, with the mega cab, custom exhaust and K&N and it moves the bacon! Mines bright red.

:)Crusty, I love the XS11 and I had a brand new one in 1981, a silver metallic powerhouse! I put a Vetter Windjammer 3 with lowers on it and a backrest and luggage rack. Later, I had a Ural sidecar installed on it. It was a beautiful outfit.:biggrin:

I went for another wonderful 150 mile round trip breakfast ride yesterday and everything around here is so green it looks surreal.:p

Eye, I hope you didn't run the injectors dry---wow, that's poetry!

Which do you like best, the Raider or the Vegas?

I have been stunned at times by the beauty of the Raider and that engine must really haul anus!

I had a version of the M109, a 2010 Suzuki C109R cruiser, that made my past powerhorse VTX 1800 seem asthmatic!

Lots of folks don't know that the M109 and my past C109 would easily hit 140 mph indicated and the VTX 1800 not much less!

For my next bike, I keep coming back to the Yamaha Stratoliner S or the Roadliner:biggrin:

I like BIG engine cruisers because of the effortless torque and very low rpm cruising.

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