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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Eyeball-fitted my new-to-me Cobra chrome Vulcan sissy bar brackets and mini sissy bar upright with pad from eBay that was delivered today and that my monkeys will be giving me for Christmas ;}... will replace the V-Star brackets and too-tall/too-far-back upright I've been using. Worked with seller to get $20 off the set, $110 shipped and it's in great condition, will hopefully sell the HD Heritage Softail bracket and short sissy upright (upright is compatible with V-Star 1100 Classic) to offset some of the price further. Very pleased. :)
Love that pic, coyote! "I don't always stop for "Road Closed" signs. But when I do, it's only because my bike refuses to wear water wings."

This is what I have done with my bike today...
[grumbling intensifies]
Did that twice last week :{ Dang left-side knee-level ignition, and key dyslexia.
Scattered thunderstorms here all day, so took advantage of the free water and washed my dirty dirty bike. Much better but still raining :/


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Took my VN900 to a friend who changed out the front pulley to a Baron 34 tooth. Not quite as straight-forward as expected but after removing the rear mud guard from under the fender, loosening the belt a smidge more than initially, and riding 50 miles back to the house it seems to be fine. The ride at 70-75 is smoother now, and didn't look for sixth gear nearly as often :)
Made it to the second Polar Bear ride of the year, a shortish 78-mile round trip with starting temp around 50 and clear sunny skies, warmed to 60 by the time I pulled into the garage. Surprised it didn't feel as cold as I'd expected; maybe my winter inner thermostat just needed to acclimate a bit. ?鈥嶁檧
I've never heard 50潞 being a Polar Bear ride before. 50潞 is near perfect riding conditions. So I guess 50潞 is the new 20潞 or am I missing something?
The dates and locations are set before the season starts, so the ride happens whether it's cold or not. And I beg to differ, 50 is not near perfect for me lol. Maybe for toddling around town but not at highway speeds, I just don鈥檛 have the proper gear to keep me comfortable and my hands usable. Anything 60 or up is good, and as long as I'm moving even the 100s are okay. ?鈥嶁檧 Vive la diff茅rence ;)
Today I set little tin foil plates holding peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls on top of and around my bike, and said mean and disparaging things out loud to the mouse who鈥檇 left 馃挬 and chew holes in my helmet last week. This is my first year stabling the bike in a barn. Grateful for the shelter, not a fan of the mice and wasps 馃槺
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