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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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I used it for errands, about 75 miles worth....makes errands much more fun.
Johnny, As has been said, sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you. Take care my friend.
took off from Asheville this morning and rode to Kentucky and back, just needed to think.
I've been lucky enough to ride every day since July 27th! Of course that is because I'm currently unemployed and running out of funds quickly, but hey, I've been able to ride!

Also on the SPAM front...I last had it in 2010 in Hawaii, oddly enough they serve it almost everywhere for breakfast.
Finally got her home! It's been a long three weeks! A brisk 31 degrees and a 30 mile ride! YES! She feels a lot stronger and smoother. Should be able to take a ride or two in the next couple days.
I dreamed about her sitting in 70 degrees back home while I'm down here in Texas in the ice and 27 degrees!
Took her out for about a 60 mile errand run, did the same thing yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow,,
today I just looked at her, but I got about 20 miles in yesterday just at dark.
Got my New Years Day ride in, temps in the mid 40's, rode about 60 miles and had a traditional southern new years day dinner at some friends, black eyed peas, greens, ham, roast pork, mac and cheese (it is a main dish in the south) cornbread, homemade I'm stuffed...decided to do a little playing in the dirt on the way home, good stuff.
22 today with snow and ice, I looked at her in the garage nice and riding weather in sight
I put my new Madstad windshield on tonight, looks great, now if I can just ride and try it, low today was -5, high was 15, if it weren't for the ice and a 45 degree slope getting out of my subdivision I may have gone out today. Suppose to be almost 60 by Saturday though.
Ahhhhh, just got back from a 120 mile ride and picked up some decent priced 9mm on the trip! 300 fresh rounds and the new Madstad windshield works great! Didn't even feel buffeting passing semi's. That thing is seriously adjustable, I stopped a few times to make minor adjustments until I found the "sweet spot" but after that it was awesome!
When I left on Monday it was suppose to be in the 50's and sunny today, reality was high 20's and snow....I lovingly patted her saddle and let her know I loved her....
170 miles what a rush, supposed to be in the mid 60's tomorrow, heading out again before I have to leave town again on Tuesday..
Took her down to get a new ECU...cold ride but no ice. And then brought her home.
It warmed up to 50 but the wind was killer, rode anyway, to the long way to a friends house and the long way back home. Supposed to be in the 70 tomorrow though!
Sadly I walked past it to the the mower and get the yard work done. I hate being responsible!

(but it's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow, he he he )
took a 355 mile ride today, covered 3 states and rode the back of the dragon twice. Of the 355, 200 was twisties.
I waved goodbye to mine as I left for the week in Georgia.
Rode up to Northern Ohio to spend Sunday with My Dad, came home today. !022 miles round trip. Only caught three rain storms coming back but they were all short lived. Watched the Indy 500 with my Pop yesterday, then did a little grilling.
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