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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Rubbed the chrome high pipes on the CL350. Just amazing condition. Checked the VIN records for theft and salvage and all is good. Yesterday I rode to the county fair just to look at how many displays there were. It was 90% food and the commercial displays were still there,but many were downsized. Many were gone from previous years. Then back to work a few blocks away.
For a county fair,they do have their moments. motorcycle races ,tractor pulls which include some of the major pullers using the track to tune up for the Nationals being held next week just 40 miles away. Actually a good deal for the price you pay.
Fixed the CB360

I have been having on again off again issues with the ignition. I was beginning to think that there was a broken wire somewhere in the harness.
Finally I found it-- There is a little quad connector that one of the pins had retracted a bit where the ignition switch joins the harness. I used a grinding wheel at the jobsite to grind off a little plastic and then taped the mess together. That'll do for now.....
Brighter sparks and acceleration goodness soon followed. So now the trouble is,I have gotten used to the 'big' 750 after riding it full time for a few weeks and now the 360 feels like a scooter.
Had to sign a document yesterday. Predicted high of 38 degrees at 3 PM. I left at 12 and had a nice back roads ride. The new Carhartt Extremes bibs did really well. hands and feet got a little cold,but core temp helped warm them up.I stayed pretty warm for 40 miles one way...

Stopped at a Hadgi place to pee and fill up and Hadgi did not have public restrooms. I asked him if he knew of a gas station that had them. Told him that I needed fuel and coffee and stuff ,but I never bought at places that had no toilet... It is getting so that a guy has to carry a portable urinal.

Anyway a great ride and I managed to not hit anything but small towns on the way. And the document I delivered will result in a nice little payday:)
I really needed a 'toe kick" flooring saw for a project that I have going,and the Dayton Harbor Freight just was not getting them in. So I checked Muncie IN store and they had several.

All the rain we had got the salt off the roads,so I plotted a country route to Muncie. Just lovely going out with mild winds and 45 degrees. Went past towns like Winchester,Bartonia, Modoc, and Farmland.

It was getting pretty cold on the way back--about 35^ or so. But the twilight conditions were like magic.The sun was at my back and the sky had that golden glow. Indiana is still a lot of farms, but they have consolidated their schools. I passed a big school building out in the middle of nowhere. A few miles later, the caravan of cars followed by the school bus came toward me looking like a scene from "Friday Night Lights." But this is Indiana and it is all about basketball.

Bartonia IN sits between Winchester iN and Greenville Ohio. The cold was really soaking in after 45 minutes of riding. At the scene of an old general store that had to be at least 120 years old, the Bartonia Restaurant sits in the village of perhaps 10 houses. The parking lot was just packed. It was all the fish you can eat night... $8.50... I got a cup of coffee [$1.00] because no way was I gonna indulge in the fish fry without Mrs Slum being there.

I parked the Cb750 right out front, mainly because the parking lot was too soft for the kick stand. After I slammed down two cups, I was buttoning up the Carhartts to have at it again. A guy my age saw me and asked,"that your bike?" He had on a Harley shirt........ I said ," Yep,just rode it from Muncie." He said,"Wow,you must have some stones on ya." I laughed and said, " Well, our German family always could take the cold,but I think that maybe there might have been a Norwegian in the woodpile somewhere along the line."

I almost forgot. in Winchester,I stopped for gas and was looking for the credit card slot, but the gas pumps still had the manual numbers that clicked over and no place to insert a credit card. The owner actually still pumps the gas for all his customers.

After this hundred mile ride,I feel like I was on vacation
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Well, it was not my bike,but I looked at two bikes a friend just bought. he lives in Gatlinburg,but is afraid to ride there, because of the fact that the cages cut through blind curves and nearly killed him.
He has family up here and wants a bike here. John got a package deal from a widow for a V-45 Magna and a little 185 cc kawi [I think] 800.00 and 400.00
Early Eighties bikes with characteristic buckhorn handlebars
These bikes have never been down and look really good. Paint is perfect and chrome is nearly so,with the little one lunger bike being the best example. Shredder would perform miracles with this one...The Magna leaks from the overflows,but the little 185 would be simple to get on the road.

I think I will volunteer my shop and see if he accepts...
Worked on a buddy's Magna. I just got it out of the shop yesterday, and they cleaned the carbs---but many new parts were needed to get it back together. One of the crossover fuel pipes cracked,so the shop tooled an aluminum replacement.
After puking sunflower seeds out the pipes for 30 minutes,all seems to be well,and the bike starts and idles awesome.
I started cleaning the brake master [filthy] and cleaned the hydraulic clutch and bled and bled the thing. Finally, by cracking the banjo a bit at the master housing,it cleared a bubble and then it bled out OK.

The way the brake fluid looks,it needs to have the calipers come off and wheel cylinders cleaned out. Oil change and lube as well, I imagine if I had 4 hours to spend,it would be ready at least for a test ride. No need to rush things as I have other bikes to ride
Rode a Magna that I have been working on for a friend to see if the carbs would put out without having flat spots. The bike still needs more work such as brakes on the front.

I think my buddy will be pleased with this bike. It is beyond fast when compared to my bikes. No way I am riding this rocket again until the front has brakes installed
Went for a ride with Caryn but this time she decided to ride on her own and take the SV650. We rode to my folks for a few and then off to another town about 30 minutes away for some classic Maidrite Sammiches. Can't say it was an exciting ride due to the route there and back and keeping things at a slow pace for Caryn. But it was nice to get out, spend some time with my baby and get her butt back in the saddle. That right there made it all worth while.

2014-04-27_08-13-06 by kodacoyote, on Flickr
What?? you did not post pics of your bike at the Gumwall?
There are some out of the way rides around Greenville,You just have to get lost to find them. I would also suggest the fish fry on Friday nights at the Bartonia Restaurant in Bartonia IN --west of Greenville take State route 502 and the road sort of disappears into back roads. $9 for all you can eat fish fry. But Maidrites are really good as well. I watched them make those sandwiches one day and they cranked them out at the rate of one every eleven seconds!
Did the final detailing around the perf holes in the CL175 tank. Used a pick to make sure that all the metal was hard to receive the JB Weld. once that is done it will be time to line the tank
Rode the Magna 750 The state road past our house is horrible,but the back roads are great. Winter,salt and a record low Feb temps made any salted road like a washboard.

Rode the corners like an old lady, watching for sand build up. I do not know how not to speed a little on this bike. Maybe I will get a driving award from the deputy sometime to keep me in line.
CB 550 Breakthrough

I bought a real nice looking CB550 for a c-note a few years ago, and the main fuse kept blowing. Finally today I found that the voltage regulator was shorting to ground and I really feel that the bike will be a runner. New regulator and handlebar switches should cure the electrical woes I have been plagued with.[I once thought that a new wiring harness is what it would take to fix the bike, and that would have been a waste of money

So that is the Woo Hoo moment that gives a person enthusiasm to dust off the cobwebs and get the bike back on track
Ran the Cb750. Could not ride it because the 60 series chain I got for cheap at the farm store was too wide. I would have to be pretty desperate to put the old chain back on because it has stretched to risky level. I drained a good bit of fuel out of each bowl because the bike makes it stale in the bowls fairly quickly.

The tank had been filled to the brim last fall and Stabil'ed. Touched the switch and......................Vrooooom! Ordering parts soon for at least 4 different bikes. At least I have two out of six that are perfect runners.

am a little ashamed that too many bikes just need little things to run,but life gets in the way
ordered parts

Got three items from Partsnmore New switch controls right and left, a new regulator-rectifier,and that is all they had that I wanted. I still need the right throttle sleeve and handlebar cover, and new carb mounting boots.

The cb550 is a beautiful survivor that I stole for a c-note. I looked and looked for the wiring problem before the voltage regulator showed itself as shorting out and melting the main fuse.

Got my cart and lift organized so I can switch from bike to bike as the cb360, cl350 and the newest bike, a cl175 can trade places on the lift. Looks like it is time to 1.Order parts 2. Wrench. 3. Repeat
Honda starter

The old rat CB 360 is down waiting for electrical connectors, and the starter sounded like someone threw a handful of gravel inside.
I had to "worry" off one of the mounting bolts and of course i lost the side panel gasket.

The starter is a wonder of simplicity. The end with the reduction gears needed cleaned and a little grease and the end with the brushes had particles of carbon in the grooves of the [armature?}. A little cleaning with knocker Loose and I can twist the starter with my fingers. Brushes looked good,so no reason to mess with them. 40 years old and still going-- just amazing.
It is my understanding that the grooves need to be clean to make the motor act like a motor. Anyway,it sounds much smoother on the bench,so we will see once it becomes part of the bike again.
Derusting by electrolysis

I had done tanks before, but never a bunch of heavier parts. I put all the thick iron parts from a CL175 underwater, and NOTHING happened. I first thought it was the battery charger and then decided the weight and number of parts just offered too much resistance. Placing a lawn mower battery between the charger and the parts made the magic happen and the reaction is occurring beneath a lovely brown foam

After two hours of observing and testing the battery voltage, it appears that a ten amp setting will keep up enough voltage to not damage the battery as it maintains 10.5 volts under load

I just love learning new things...

You talkin to me???????
The old CB360

Messing about with the old girl because there is no spark. Checking the connections and there it was. The rectifier had a tab broken off. That may or may not be the reason, but no sense in kicking it over without a functioning charging system.
I went on and had to nearly complete the order to find out that postage would be 13.00. I was going elsewhere to check prices and then had to go to work. They called me as I had filled out my phone number and asked me why i had not completed the order. I instantly got a 5.00 coupon code after complaining about the postage.

I have heard that if you spend some time and almost purchase an item that web businesses will offer enhancements to do the deal, but that is a first for me.
I will need new carb gaskets and possibly a Mike's XS coil. We will see.
Taught J. about twins carbies

My wife's cousin is 20 years younger than us, and he never was around a dad who did anything in the garage. The kid has a serious motorcycle addiction that started with an old Triumph 250. he was having problems with a CB360 carb and since I have been inside those a time or two, we tore into a set of them he had extra [he has 30 vintage bikes with 4 runners].

He had been through the carb before, but there was plenty of gritty dirt left.Just showing him which fittings to leave alone and which ones needed to come out for cleaning has to be a big help. I showed him all the little things I had learned the hard way, and told him where to buy o-rings that did not cost a fortune. Aside from the dirt, the needle and seat were needing new ones badly.
Really a nice kid and finally got to retire from the Navy after too many deployments to Iraq. He kept apologizing for not doing it right the first time, but I told him it was really fun to show him what I had to learn the hard way. I will bet that within a month, four more of his bikes will run.

My dad was not a wrench either, so I struggle as well. I got lucky some years back with an old farmer that I did construction work for, and he taught me basic shop stuff. At least we have the internet now and with determination and trial and error, things get done. Anyway, we had a blast just being together and hangin' out
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Ordering parts like crazy

Well, I thought that it was time to finally fix the slow leak in the rear tire on the CB750. We pulled the entire tire off in case the tire itself had a small wire or something that was wearing out tubes. We found rust under the rim strip. Then Jeff told me I might as well get a new tire because the labor cost of mounting tires did not justify what life was left in the old one. Also the rear wheel bearings are shot. Also the rubber drive cushions are pretty bad after 36 years of use. Wire wheel, rust converter, and epoxy primer and all the parts need to be ordered. $$$$$:frown: I bought this bike for a dollar a cc and these are the only things needed so far, and that helps.

I also found an ideal parts house for honda owners. 4into1 has some of the best prices I have seen for many parts that I routinely need. I found 4 into 1 while searching for aftermarket wheel bearings.
J and I went to a liquidation sale in Columbus and did not even scratch the surface in what they had. It is estimated that there are 25 million dollars in bike parts there. some is from WWII and Harley. With a smart phone and googling the part numbers, some of the stuff we picked through could be matched to the bikes it fit. Just overwhelming at all the stuff they had and not organized at all. Not crowded either.

I bought 4 batteries and three were Yausau. Ten bucks each. Scored some new wheels and mufflers for cheap. The place closed early so we went to the Rice Paddy [old Jap parts] just to find out where it was and the young guys running it showed us around a bit even though it is officially closed on Wednesdays. They said that they probably have a fork tube for my CL175. We are going back to both places.
One of the wrenches at Rice Paddy had built a steampunk from an old 1920's Harley frame and a rebuilt motor. Very cool, as the tank was mounted beneath the top frame bar.

All in all a good day--Except when we tried to get a bite to eat at the local places. it turns out that we were in the Short North and in hipster Heaven. Places where fair trade coffee and organic tofu reigned supreme. We did not even understand how to buy food in those places as we could not discern if they were delis with no price lists or restaurants. Google and a smartphone got us to Wendy's and something we could understand...
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