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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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Yesterday I rode it home from Saratoga, NY to NH.. dodging rain clouds most of the way.
Took a ride, followed a Ferrari F360, and found a cool vintage motorcycle museum!
Yesterday I took the CB for a ride and discovered that when running down an on-ramp, if I wind it up hard it makes an absolutely glorious sound, and that brief instant I blip off the throttle to shift... I can't describe it, but it sounds like it's spitting fire and anger out of the pipes.

I don't think I can sell this bike! :eek:
Rode to a dealer to look at Royal Enfields.

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Congrats chillin!
I spent some time doing basic maintenance to the racer. Valve clearance, points, etc. Also spent a bit over a half hour trying to fish a compression tester fitting out of the head after I dropped it.
Finished up my tune-up and took the CB for a ride. The 1-4 point was way out, which explains a bit. My valve clearance was way out, and one carb needed to be brought back into sync. The joys of breaking in an engine..
Finished up today's job and took a nice little ride around Lake Sunapee. Ride was nice, but waaaaaay too many out of state nutters out there this weekend. They drive with tunnel vision.
Took a nice little ride to the VT border and back, and discovered a small gas leak on the way.
Yup. Good looking bike!
I had to deliver parts to a customer today, so I got in a nice 2 hour ride on the bike. Good stuff!
Nice ride, Efergoh. Do you have anymore pictures of it?
Finished up my work and took a nice spin on the racer. Then, when I got home I took the Goldwing out on a beer run.

Hooray for fall beers!
Nice Guzzi!

Rode the CB racer today around the block, then modified a different clutch lever to fit and installed that instead. Darn heavy clutch pull!
Ran past the CB racer carrying materials for today's work. Glanced at it and wept a bit...
Broke my experimental clutch lever today and had to limp it home. Old lever is back on now.
Almost became one with a gray Honda Accord in a traffic circle today.... apparently too busy doing something else to look before entering..
Moved the racer into the shop for winter storage today, and so I can do some more work on it. The Goldwing will stay out as long as humanly possible.
Wow! Getting cold out there!
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