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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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The mounts are pretty expensive, but the flags are priceless.
Nice. I always wondered why they left the remains of the old mill standing.
@HOG; Is it possible you have a bad intake manifold O-ring/gasket? I've had that happen on two seperate bikes, and it feels the same as a fouled plug and it wasn't noticeable (at first) until I was under power. I would try an in-line tester. They plug onto your spark plug and into your plug wire. They are cheap and avail most places that sell parts. I got mine at Harbor Freight (they are open Sundays).

Good Luck!
I'll keep this in mind. Not sure that magically clear it's self with swapping the plugs. It's a heat related problem for sure though. In the process of understand how to display the error codes. But I keep this in mind.
I'm thinking it was the temp difference of the working motor vs. motor off to change plugs. (expansion of the gasket/expansion of the leak) combined with the increased vacuum pressure of the motor at work hot.

But then I could be way off, just something to check. Best part of finding that problem with mine was the repair cost of $5. each.

Keep us updated with what you find. Good Luck!
Hog; How did you determine it was a spark (electrical) issue?
Wouldn't a heat related electrical short have the same effect on how it runs while hot, even while idleing? If I understand things, doesn't yours only occur under load?
pulled carbs to see if I could figure out why number 2 has a steady stream of gas pouring out of the bowl vent.... didn't see anything out of place, jets are clean, swapped float and needle with a different carb, its still leaking... stumped. oh well.
It's possible that it's the needle "seat" and not the needle itself.
Same here Pork, 8" on the ground here this morning. :(
Took my bike to the dealer yesterday to get it worked on. They declined to work on it because it is too old, rare, and hard to get parts for. Guess I will have to tinker with it some this evening and see what I can do before I break down and set it on fire.
Don't you ride a '90s xt600? Not really old, rare, or hard to get parts for. I don't think I've ever heard of an authorized dealer refusing to work on a bike they represent for those reasons. Time to find a new dealership.
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