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I am sorry for your loss. My wife passed away after
twenty years, Maybe the funeral parlor has a support
group? or you might just feel better out on the road,
your knees in the breeze and remembering the good
times. You don't want to get over it, you want to know
how to to get along with it.

I like Harley a lot , got an old 91 Snorty1200 that I put
a fair amount of work into. The Guys at ThunderBay
in Tampa did a great job and later I got a Wide Glide
but sometimes I think the older the bike is, the better
built it is.

God bless and take care

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Time was coming up for an oil change on the wide glide
so I went out and got the 3 qts, a filter and an 'O' ring for
drain plug. Then I took her out, for a short ride to get
oil hot so it would all flow out of drain. Came back and did
the oil change, put tools away and went into the house for
a few cold beers. Nuther few days I'll change primary and
tranny fluids and mark down mileage for said maint.

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Hello Porky,
Last week I was looking at some Vance Hines pipes,
rather large sweeping pipes, slanting downwards and
outwards in Chrome and black, I don't think I need a
stage 1 for this if I don't change the air cleaner, but if
I do change air cleaner I am told I'd have to get fuel
system remapped as there would be more air sucked
in and without remapping, fuel mixture would be lean.
What do you know about this? and Thanks very much.

The Snortster

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Hello Eye_ M_ No_ angel Ray here, was thinking about getting big radius
Vance Hines pipes, not for the Snortster but the 2015 wide glide, someone
said, due to bigger pipes, would have to get engine tuned due to back
pressure? If I got a bigger air cleaner, fuel system would have to be
so-called mapped out to allow more fuel otherwise engine would run lean,
sounds right. I like the look of those big radius pipes and was told they'd
sound deep an rumbling, what do you think? and Thanks very much.

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Thanks very much Eye_M_No_Angel,
Frankly was not or am planning on a new air cleaner, as I am told
that doing so ( if new air cleaner element is larger) The bike would
require being tuned as more air coming in would make air/fuel
mixture leaner which can cause overheating. I just think getting
different pipes on her would look good at times.

The 91 Snortster is doing very well I changed over the rear direction
signals to running lights/Direction signals. went to NAPA and got the
socket insert w/ two contacts, low filament is running/ hi side is direction
signals, that + regular tail-lite gives more notice of a bike at nite if just
using tail lite and that bulb's low side went out.
Thanks for your help.

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But you did get new fuel lines on right?
Are we talking about a Honda Scrambler?
As I had a CL360 back in the 70's Twin side by side
high pipes on right side BIG gas tank an 6 speedz?

Well, if you got the new lines on and she's running
better, 2 thumbs up bro. I like doing whatever I can
on my ride, Maint and improvements. as I always say
Good Maintenance = Good rides.

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Hello Eye_M_No_Angel
Ray here, Brought wide glide in for tranny /Primary fluids.
asked about new pipes for better sound. Mike Eller a gr8 wrencher
over at ThunderBay who brought the Snortster back to life,
another story. Well he told me about bikes leaving the factory
running quite lean due to our uncle Sam and his buddies at the EPA

Mike told me I'd be better off getting a new engine fuel module
or similar device, he could tune with a puter, told me engine would
run lots better and cooler, better gas mileage and would sound
better, says I could get an air cleaner that would breathe better
but I don't know if he knows I replaced stock cleaner with a K'N
which has a cleaning kit for it.

I change engine oil'n filter at 2500 miles tranny/primary at 5K
and clean air cleaner after oil change. Some change engine oil at 2500
but oil filter at 5,000 like what the hay?

Mike said, "You can get the big radius pipes later but better for the engine
right now if she doesn't run lean anymore, you'll get about ten more hp, she
will sound throatier. So that'll get done by next week-end, looking forward
to that and now its time for a cold beer or 2.

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Hello Eye_M_No_Angel,

I wanted to add more to the wide glide, I rode one that was
'Souped up' and yeah I liked the sound of it. So far all I added
was hi-way bars and a chrome coil cover with fat orange wires.
I thought there were a number of times she was running hotter
than she should but did not have an oil dipstick thermometer,

I thought at first I could change out the pipes for ones I liked the
looks of better but I did mention that I had replaced the stock air
cleaner with a K&N and he told me that it would be better in the
long run to to remap the fuel system first to make the engine run
less lean and it would add some more hp, he did not say how much
more but that I'd notice it. My brother's friend has a wg that got
mapped out, same pipes, I liked it alot and since began to mull
over some changes.

He never pushed changing oil every 2500 miles and H-D said the oil is
good for 5K but to me, they want nothing more than to sell me another
bike or bring'er in for a big-ass bill from the service dept for new rings
valves and who knows what else. I could be very wrong but from this
mechanic I've kept an old Snorty running and running well, and I know
it would have cost me a lot more like 4 grand more at H-D. Other bikers
I spoke to at biker bars told me "Heat breaks down the viscosity or
lubricating qualities of oil, if bikes were liquid cooled, yeah be all right
but it's lots cheaper to change oil an filters than engines. Maybe this is a
southern attitude cuz its hotter here than New England? Either way I feel
good about it and same for primary and tranny. Thanks very much again.

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Hello Eye_M_No_Angel,

they want nothing more than to sell me another
bike or bring'er in for a big-ass bill from the service dept
for new rings, valves and who knows what else. I could
be very wrong.

I think I am wrong about that, first H-D dealer up in New Port Richey
didn't seem to care about their customers one way or the other, I mean
when one buys a pre-owned bike, they have to know it's going to need
some work, and it did run, but there were a lot of things that could have
been repaired before they put the bike out on the floor. I know that is
is where I got the attitude, but after I put some work into the Snortster
and found I have a pretty damn good bike, my thoughts about H-D were
very much turned to the positive. Positive enough to buy a new wide Glide.

Well, today I cleaned out the air cleaner, a K&N job this fits under a stock
cover, it has a cleaning kit that comes with a can of cleaner and filter oil.
last week I had front brake cyl. rebuilt as plunger did not return, no brake
problem but the spring was 'shot' and brake lights stayed on, causing red
lens caps to get very hot an messed up. ThunderBay did the job for a hair
above a C note whereas others quoted me around 2 C's and a half. So
Tomorrow the bike will be ready for a good long ride. Hope you get in a
good ride !

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Yeah, walking is no fun, no reserve in tank?
It wasn't long after I got the Snortster up
and running that I found out the fuel valve
was 'out of it' started running out of gas,
reached down and pushed lever to forward
and guess what? uh huh bike crapped out
even though there was gas in the tank. I was
just farting around anyways, looked like it was
gonna rain and yeah it did but I still needed
a bit of 2wheel time. Luckily since I was near
a main road there were gas stations enough so
I gassed'er up and she fired right up, so I knew
the next order of bizness was to get a new valve.

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Hello again Eye _m_no_angel,

These engineers who say you or I can go 5,000 miles between
oil changes, Do they ride ? and more important, did they actually
check engine after 5k miles, like a compression test? metal particles
in engine oil?

Do you think the engineers checked for metal particles
in the primary case after 10K and same for Tranny after 20K
could it be I am too much the cynic? never really believing?

What are your thoughts about K&N air cleaners and bike
parts by 'DRAG' Thanks very much!

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Well, I took the wide glide out today for a hundred mile ride
and ended up at Quaker steak and Boobz. Spoke to one guy
who had the big radius pipes. He told me he had the fuel
system mapped out after the warranty on his bike ran out.
The pipes were stock but he got a more flowing airbox then
mapped out, shortly later after he got the baffles removed,
damn that bike sounded good.

So, during consuming beer, onion rings an chicken wings
I figured, "keep the Tommy-guns I have an just take out
the baffles." The ECM should be in this week and I'll get that

I guess it will be a lot less expensive to do this to the
91 Snortster, re-jet the S&S shorty carb and take out
the baffles.

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Well, today I took the wide glide over to ThunderBay Custom cycles
in Tampa. I had a new and somewhat larger air cleaner installed that
still fits under stock cover but with no backing plate a lot more air is
being drawn in, that coupled to the ECM ( engine control module )
giving more gas, there is a definite improvement of running.

I am told she'll run cooler and better with better mileage, so tomorrow
I'll take her for a good ride. Then I will talk to the guys, telling
them what kind of mileage I am getting and should I put her on the
dyna- mometer.

Got hot dogs and a cold beer or 2 waiting, later !

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update on Stage 1,

Took the wide glide out Saturday, did a pre-ride, brought up tire
pressure,gassed her up and went 160 miles, most hi-way but some
round town. She ran damn good, had her up to 95 for a bit , mostly
around 80 mph. She took 3.2 gallons. I had gotten fifty to a gallon
before but that was keeping her between 65 and no more than 70.
She sounded good as I rolled on a lot of throttle, suddenly sounding
somewhat richer and getting a lot more air sucked in. . .seemed like I
exceeded another warp factor.

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Saturday Oct 21st. I took out the 91 Snortster 1200
for a hundred mile ride over a few bridges in St.Pete,
The Gandy bridge, Howard Frankenstein, Bay-side and
the Campbell Courtney Causeway, a.k.a. rte.60 then I
dropped into Quaker Steak & Lube for a small skillet of
the biggest ass meat-balls covered in marinara sauce
then topped with melted mozzarella cheese and washed
down with 22 oz. of cold beer. Meanwhile the Beatles were
singing about the 'Yellow submarine' And I love her and all
my lovin'.

Still wanting a bit more ride I headed to rte.275 and
headed down to the Sky-way Br. and did a U at the
South end fishing pier and headed back to the house,
all in all a great day for biking as the temp and mugginess
factor have lowered a bit.

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Way to go Mike 721. I have been through Freehold N.J, a nice farming area.
They also have a historic site, Old soldiers church and cemetery, goes back
to the Civil war times. Freehold also has a nice old Diner and the food's pretty
good, enough to fill a biker's tank.

Saturday I had the wide glide out doing offset cone weaves like Motorman
Palladino's courses, along with going from 60 to 15 and doing a swerve
and a few U-turns. It seems a half dozen guys on bikes have 'Bought the farm'
down here in St.Pete Florida since the beginning of the year, All left turners,
some wrack ups were in the middle of the night and the Statey's' said, "The guy was
way above the speed limit." Amazing how the safety margin drops with serious
increases of speed . . .

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Well the Sporty was needing a wash an wax job so that is what I did Monday afternoon. So with everything I needed sitting on the tailgate of my truck I spent a few hours cleaning her up, The Nev'rDull does a great job on most metals like chrome and other metals found on a bike, Turtle wax on the tank an front fender. while letting that dry I cleaned the tire rims by that time the polish had dried and I buffed out the tank an front fender with an old H-D shirt. That came out looking just fine as did the chrome on the header pipes just b4 the mufflers. I think I'll check out two new mufflers from H-D or maybe V&H shorty's whatever's the best deal. Later this week I'll get the Wide Glide looking the way I want.
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