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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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This weekend, golf all day Saturday. Recovery Sunday. My back is still complaining. Forecast last night said rain off and on all day today, so I hopped in the truck this morning. Hasn't rained a drop. I'll hop the bike for a gym run this evening. MUCH cheaper than taking the truck 24 miles to the gym... ONE WAY. Probably just work riding all week. Bored with the little single cylinder 600. Drooling over FatBobs right now. Next week it might be Vulcans.
Over the last couple of months my bike has outsmarted me, and refuses to run properly. I broke down last night and loaded it up on the truck, and it is going in the shop today. I hope they can fix it. This is a FIRST for me. The only things I have ever let anyone else do on my vehicles are U-joints, and only when they went out in the winter, in Montana, when I needed to set out for NC the next day. Oh, and tires. I can't afford a balancer. This hurts me to do, but I really want my bike and I have already missed most of this riding season. If they can't make it run, guess I'll just have to spring for a new one.
Took my bike to the dealer yesterday to get it worked on. They declined to work on it because it is too old, rare, and hard to get parts for. Guess I will have to tinker with it some this evening and see what I can do before I break down and set it on fire.
Got my little Yamaha Enduro loaded up in the little old truck, and I'm going to the dealer today to see if I can make a package deal swap for a decent bike that won't make my whole body shake after 15 minutes of riding.
Wasting time chasing title issues. Hopefully I can ride my "NEW" bike tomorrow! Legally.
Say, look up Florida State Road 423. In Orlando area.
I think they are talking about the astronaut. I'm way too low on the GOV'T pay grade to get a road named after me.

New ride is a 2006 Honda VTX 1300 C with a mustang seat upgrade, and all kinda highway bars. Looking to put some cheap bags on it and just run her.


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This blasted hurricane and that blasted tropical storm off the east coast are screwing everything up. Changed the oil in the bike Saturday. Installed the cell phone holder behind the wind screen. Replaced a vacuum line that I busted taking the tank off to run the wires for the cell phone charger that is part of the knock off ram-x mount. Also removed all those dang LED's some brilliant one put all up under EVERYTHING on the poor bike, then couldn't figure why it kept blowing fuses. It had 6 bars, and 8 little pods. Got all of them except the one mounted to the inside, bottom of the back fender. That was a horrid mess of wiring with no connectors. Just twisted wires electrical taped together. Had plans to leave after work Thursday and ride to NC. That isn't happening now. I polished it and everything.
Over the weekend, I did this. Can't wait for the Vista cruise to get in. I'm sore in places I didn't even know I could be sore. Totaled out at close to 700 miles. Averaged about 40 mpg. Filled up at a marina on the island before I left with 90 octane, non ethanol. That tank was pushing 60. Also kept it under 80 the whole tank. Remind me again why we have ethanol in our fuel?


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FINALLY got my vista cruise installed. Had a grip that wasn't seated fully, but I liked those grips, so I didn't want to cut them off. A little WD, and some grunting after I had a new collar (?) (that little plastic piece inside the grip that attaches to the cables) standing by incase I broke something, and I got the grip to seat all the way. The claps all lined up fine after that. All the screws were long enough. Ride into work this morning was very nice after I dodged two deer coming out of my driveway. Really get the juices flowing first thing in the morning.

Had planned to take my bike from LA to NC this weekend, and back next weekend, but it seems that the whole south east is going to be getting rain for the next week. Not to say we don't need it, but when I finally get a 3 day work week that I can skip the WHOLE thing and the weather slams my plans into the mud. Still going to put the bike on the truck and take it with me. This means I can take my bow and throw some sticks at some of those pesky, furry things while I'm up home.
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Coaltroll, I usually use a compound. A lot easier than a recurve. I think more ethical as well.
Putting her on the truck tonight. :mad: Why is it, everytime I get a few days off to go ride there is some kinda weather wanna screw EVERYTHING up? Trip is going cage to get there, and hopefully a long ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway when I get there.
If you get bored and want an awesome place to vacation and ride, may I suggest highway 58 in Virginia. All three of the paths from Damascus to Lansing are awesome trips. Twisty as you could want. Plenty of little shops in Damascus, White Top, and Lansing, NC to enjoy. Cabin rentals abound. Nice people in the towns.


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Today, she is sitting at the house. Ran out of propane last night while cooking dinner, so had to bring the truck to refill the bottles. About one 20 pound tank a month for cooking and hot water isn't bad. Rain tomorrow, but I get a 4 day weekend with the holiday, and being my normal Friday off, so I'm headed to Texas. San Angelo to be exact. If anyone wants to meet up along the way Thursday through Sunday, let me know. Also, any cool stops along the Mercury, Gatesville, Marlin route, let me know.
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