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What did you do with your bike today?

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Me and my lady went for a nice ride on the Street Glide to a nice restaurant in Evansville, Ind. It has been a beautiful day.
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got the new front wheelbrings in along with new fork seals, dust caps and fork oil. what a difficult task with the front fairing still attached.
Went to the big city on the big island. Installed two new tyres. Header pipe broke off on the 4 into 1 Macs. 70 miles of noise. Today swapped the Macs for a set of Kerker from my spare bike. Macs cost $400- spare bike cost $100- . Made some adjustments to the sidecar. Steering damper is too stiff. Yami runs good on these pipes. Will have to wait for a solo freeway run, for a true comparison.

Unkle Crusty*
Kerker is way better than mac anyways.
I stopped an oil leak a few days ago and took the picture last night now I am contemplating on making some adjustments.
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sorry about the excessively large picture.
I blasted it with the pressure washer. Was getting dirty. They spread gravel mixed with a brown slippery slime on the roads. Locals have been complaining for years. I also blasted the Dodge van.
Deep Purple will get dirty again. Going to the mainland on Wednesday.
I rode him today in the rain. But the rain will help clean the roads.

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what's the color code for the purple, I like it.... well for purple anyways.
No idea about the colour code. I will check the can when I get home.

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I thought about the bike for a while then rode it for a while until it started raining then parked it and thought about it some more.
I got some good footage of the xs11 on the road today. The battery died just before a messy wreck but no biker casualties luckily. I'll get it on YouTube asap.

I lowered the front suspension, started sanding the tank then the mail carrier showed up with my seat.
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after I installed the vetter stuff back on there I put the kickstart on there and took a picture.
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Today I looked at the picture I took a week ago after I sanded the second rate layers of blue, primer, black, red, primer, and black paint off my gas tank which turned out nice since the sanding block/sponge was worn out by the time I got to the original Mach0 maroon.

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Avon seems to have a strong reputation I wanted to try one but I got a Bridgestone instead because they have my size

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We had big rain over the weekend (6" plus overnight), I have been working on my driveway hoping to be able to get a bike out.
It rutted pretty bad, my jeep was the only way in or out for the first day, now we can get my wife's car out.

I can get a bike in and out in the daylight, but would be risky after dark. Just need a few more hours.

More heavy rain expected tomorrow.
I've gotten caught in some rainstorms its not for beginners but if you're feeling confident its alot of fun. I bought some stabil for my gas.

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Fixed a problem of my bike stallimg when I gave it gas or blipped the throttle. Turnes out the #1 carb was getting too mich gas.

That same carb is also leaking. I adjusted the float about 1mm in each direction, but the leaking still won't stop.

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Did you clean the float needle surfaces?

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What about the seat?

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The clutch was weak but all the friction material and springs were measured to spec so I put a extra steel in there. And today I took a picture

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I daydreamt about riding it but my equilibrium seems off probably due to daydreaming.
Waiting for my lisence got the hd clutch springs in the mail. At least nobody is gonna run her cold and park her wet.
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