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That is a bike designed to be ridden from the rider's home to the local bar.
The rider then sits on a bar stool for several hours because the bar stool
is more comfortable
than the seat on that silly thing.
After telling lies at the bar for quite a while, mostly about how he's a
bad ass biker dude, the rider then gets back on that contraption
and rides it slowly back home where he parks it until it's time
to go to the bar again.
Yep that's what it is, a Bar Bike.
It's got high handlebars so all the blood can run out of your hands and a hardtail frame so you can compress you vertebrae a little more with every bump in the road.
It's seat has no padding so you can get you some bruised butt bones while you ride. (To the bar).
Very cool looking, in its own way, though...

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