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Well, see, what had happened was...

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This was taken at a track south of Houston, TX. I highsided the bike on a turn called "highside hill"... go figure.

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Ouch! That's going to be expensive. At least ya didn't get hurt or did you?
I was a little slow gettting up, but most of the peices were still together. :D That was the last straw for my leathers, though. I had that suit retired and turned into a jacket only.
Everything looks cool...except...ahh...just where's your right hand?
My hand is at an angle in the pic, I was using it to regale my audience with the tale of woe...
Owwee! At least you had the presence of mind, and dignity, to 'regale' your audience. I respect that - and the use of that word, to - by the way. You could have said 'amuse,' but you went the distance! Have a good weekend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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