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Weird Wobbling

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I am quite new to motorcycling (2500 miles/1.5 years) but today I was out in the farmland of Western New Jersey. The raods are very clear, no pot holes and pretty desolate.

I was giong about 70/75 into a turn that had no warning signs for decreased wasn't a very tight turn. I was not holding either of the brakes. I start leaning and the bike beginnings wobbling maybe 3 inches in each direction. I quickly get off the thorttle and bring the bike straight up but in the process I ended up on the other lane. Had there been a car there I probably wouldn't had to run off road. Does anyone know why this would happen? Before taking off i checked the air pressure and filled it properly and checked for anything loose.

Has anyone ever eperienced this/know what could be the cause?
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Well, first thing I'd do if I were you as a new rider is slow down for any turn regardless of whether it was marked or not to go slow!

Next, I'd keep it at 60 or below until I got a handle on the bike.

The only time I experience wobble on my bike is when I don't have firm hold of the grips. I can one hand it with either hand, but take both hands off, or only lightly hold the grips and the front end will wobble.

The wheels have been balanced, I just think its something inherent in the weight of the front end and the speed being travelled. Going no handed on a motorcycle isn't quite like going no handed on a bicycle.

Check to see if you experience any wobble on the straight lanes with just lightening your grip - could be you weren't "guiding" the front end enough.

Any chance of interference from a fairing or windshield?

In any case - slow down a bit bud! OR we won't get to see your posts here!

Cheers! Kim
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How old is the bike? I think I would check out the front wheel bearings along with all the things Forgewizard said to check. put the bike on the center stand and place a jack under the front of the motor to get the front wheel up off the ground and shake the front wheel to see if it moves while the forks stay still. There should be no play in the bearings. Also check the steering head bearings by trying to pull the forks back and forth. Check the swingarm and rear wheel bearings too by tryin' to move the swingarm side to side. and the rear wheel. What kind of condition are the tires in also is something to look at.
The bike was purchased new last January and the last time it was inspected was September.

I do not think I held the grips loosely but I will make sure I am very firm when turning...

There might have been a gust of wind when I was turning because I know that when I was going on a straightaway the bike was literally being pushed half way across my lane so maybe that is it...

I do not know what a fairing is or any of what you meant to check out though :(...

I know that for a few weeks now when I come to a stop, the front tire tends to jerk to the right when I am about to put my feet down so I was thinking I need a wheel allignment.

When you say forks (CB750F) what exactly do you mean? The discs on the tires?
The three black things that hold the tire and go out like: /\ ?

Thanks for the help guys!
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Ok, take it to the shop and ask them to check the wheel bearings and steering head bearings, being only a year and a half old I don't think they are worn but could be. The forks are the "shocks" in the front.
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