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is a website where individuals can post auto / motorcycle repair questions, and for a fee of "around $29" get expert advice.

EXPERT advice....

Here's a profile of ONE of JustAnswer's MC experts.. they have dozens.

This REALLY seems like a good place for injured/disabled/retired auto & MC mechanics to "go" and keep a little income coming in from their decades of experience, expertise and knowledge!

I have personally used on a couple of automotive problems that stumped me. In one case I knew (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that a guy with 15 (or more) years at a Ford dealership would know IMMEDIATELY what to look for on a particular CE (check engine) code on a friend's Expedition.

He did and I was GLAD to pay $29 for the answer and save "ruling out" a whole bunch of other possibilities I'd found researching the problem on the web. (Sorry, can't remember the code anymore...think it was unmetered air, crack in snorkel past the MAF, cracked EGR hose or something like that)

I think I also used JustAnswer on a stumble/hesitation on another vehicle, 5 or more years ago.

Asking technical questions here on MCForum, there are many guys here with a whole lot of MC and general engine/electrical expertise, but they may not ALWAYS have time to address your particular problem. Particularly if you aren't able to articulate it clearly.

In addition a LOT of the "Just Answer" guys have immediate access to factory manuals, wiring diagrams, etc. which many "casual experts" may not.

Hopefully offering the URL of this website doesn't violate any MCForum guidelines as I believe it will help a lot of folks seeking repair advice, of which there seems to be an increasing #.
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