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want noise

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Can anyone out there give me an idea of how much louder a set of cobra slip on drag pipes would be over the stock pipes that come with my Yamaha V-star 1100 Silverado?
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A lot louder. I can't give you a decibal range but I do know that they are quite a bit louder with drag pipes. About as loud as a Harley with drag pipes. Just make sure you fatten up the air/fuel mix to go with the pipes. Most folks don't do that and wonder why the bike lost some power and the head pipes turned blue. Any good bike shop should be able to jet the bike for the pipes.
Boys 'N noise

I don't think there's any issue more age related than the noise a motorcycle creates. I won't put down drag pipes but would make the observation that the more noise you generate, the less you can be aware of the other sounds around you.
I'm kinda not for drag pipes myself. They tend to attract undesireables, cops who want to write a ticket for noise violations, bitchy neighbors, ordinances...... etc. I left the stockers on my Virago just for that reason. I leave the stock pipe on my Raptor for the reason I don't want to attract attention.

I should take a pic of the street right below my house. It's basically like a canyon with a 7 or 8 foot high stone retaining wall on one side and 2 story houses that are real close together on the other. The wall is maybe half a block long. It must be where everyone goes to check out their loud pipes at 4 am. Hell I did it too about 16 years ago.
drag pipes

I didn't know drag pipes would be all that loud. Maybe something in between would be better. Like the slash cut cobra slip ons. I don't know. I'm still researching this. The stocks are pretty quiet but i don't really want to wakeup the neighbors either. Any suggestions?
If your baffles are removable in the stock pipes you can take them out and replace them with Big City Thunders Baffles. I wanted to quiet my pipes a little. I have PYO Crack pipes. I had to cut, install baffles and then weld the tips back on but in your case they would just slide in. At most you may have to drill a 1/4 hole for the mounting screw. These will give stock pipes a nice deep sound plus an increase in HP. This is the most effective way of hitting the middle of the road that I can think of.
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