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We passed a limit on license cost of $35.00.
I just had to pay $56.00 for my truck.
They owe me $21.00.

So, if Federal Law is a laughing matter to WA State, how soon will it be before all the states are lieing to the people?

I want to ride, need a beginners to learn again, I have to pay to take a written to get a permit, and I have to pay to take a course to get endorsed.

I am an archaeologist, and partly I am an archaeologist because of all the permits and rhetoric that are not included in my chosen profession.

Well, it used to say, all the archaeologist needed was his passport, now we have to get everything else too...(impossible)

I live on my dig. I will always live on my dig, its in a trust for me.
I hope I never have to go anywhere, because I can't afford liars.
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