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I own a 99 Suzuki Marauder VZ800. It's carburated, has cobra exhaust and it was jetted (from what I was told by previous owned). The bike was running fine, at the end of a 3 hour ride it acted as if I was running out of fuel on the highway.

I have since checked my valve clearances, they are in spec. I have cleaned the air filters. I have fresh gas(regular). I have new park plugs. The tips of the previous ones were slightly white, I turned the fuel air mixture screw to 3 turns out as recommend by jet kit for cobra pipes. I have put STP fuel system cleaner and I am just about to finish my first tank.

I still get lots of sputtering/misfiring when I accelerate quickly after about 80km/h. When holding a speed over 100km/h it also sputters and misfires, when I accelerate I kind of hangs, then all of a sudden it goes. I have tried holding my kickstand in with my foot to make sure that is not cause this problem but it still does it.

On a side note, I noticed that when my bike is at idle, I have significantly more exhaust pressure on cylinder 1 than on cylinder 2.

Thanks for your help.
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