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That's the fuel injected version, I think I'd question fueling. Like injectors getting plugged. Have you tried running a few tanks using Star Tron to see if it helps at all? May need more if it does. Seafoam is supposed to work too. Also check the air cleaner. If might be oily and restricting air. That's 2 of my best guesses before getting heavy into the ECM.

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I had a new 2003 VTX1800R and a couple of 2007 VTX1300's and belonged to a fantastic VTX forum and it is still up and running.

I can't give you a 'link' but google 'VTX forums,' and you will find it.

The suggestion to try fuel injection cleaners in the tank is always the first thing I do and recommend for your type of problem.


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Thank you as soon the wheather allows I will buy star foam
I was very concerned with the electronic part
Thank you
And please how can I be in the VTX forum
I’m new here and try to learn about the bike
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