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I've said this before, one of our closest friends owns a ma and pa metric dealership. Its been in the family since the '60s. They've watched the industry change, prophet margins decline, and customer expectations become unreasonable over the years. In the early years, they could stock as many new motorcycles as they could fit in their showroom, offer test rides and still make a profit. Now with the internet, most keyboard Columbos already know what bike they want, where they can get a free joy/test ride and where they can get the best price. They only stock a few motorcycles now and concentrate on service. Skyrocketing insurance rates say no more joy rides. If someone walks into their showroom off the street, they're usually just tire kickers anyway. I've bought a dozen new bikes from them and had to order all of them. If no one fawns over you when you walk into a showroom, dont blame the dealership, blame the 100s of tire kickers before you that wasted hours of their time then made their purchase out of the area to save a few bucks.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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