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I have had a set of beautiful, what appears to be old saddle bags, which I'm interested in knowing more about.
Having just retired as an artist, due to several physical handicaps, I no longer am able to ride, and would like to find out more about the bags I've had in storage for several years. ie: where they come from and current unrestored value.
I plan on taking some pics which should be available very soon. Hopefully, this will be the place to start....thank you.
Stay tuned!
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These are/were stock Harley option bags and are first seen on the 1949 FL Hydra Glide. The bag pattern remained the same but the stud and decorative patterns became more elaborate. These bags appear to be from between 1949 - 1952. The bags were made for Harley by Elgin and were sold on the "pleasure" version of the Hydra Glide. The Hydra Glide was sold by dealers as four versions. Pleasure, Police, Commercial,Trike (Three-Wheeler). I also see some of these bags on the '49 EL Panhead. I have looked earlier but so far the earliest they appear is 1949. I don't see any as stock options after 1952. I know they make repro's and aftermarket, these look in awfully good shape to be 67 to 69 years old.
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