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Vintage Motorcycle????Can you help me?

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Your pictures aren't attaching properly.
Maybe I can divine it. I am getting a picture of an XL350 Honda, but logic tells me it is one of the 400 to 450 twin street bikes. Late seventies, early eighties.
Is the OP allowed to post pics?

Probably a bit late to comment, but that is not one of the known bike makers (Honda etc)
Look at the frame. This looks more like a heavy dury minibike frame than an actual motorcycle.
There is a photo post requirement that I've never understood and it still isn't clear to me. This member maybe count in it. Supposed to take 10 or 15 posts before photos of a new member will be displayed. And the reason I don't know if it's 10 or 15 is because it was suppose to change to 10 as everyone thought 15 was too restrictive and the administrators, not moderators, was supposedly changing it. I have no idea what it is for fact. I also don't know if that's why his are not showing but I'm guessing that might be why.

EDIT: Strangely, I can get the photos to show briefly by doing a reload or selecting the post again. Sometimes they'll stay but most times they vanish again.

EDIT MORE: Here's the darn thing;

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Not the best pic, a side on shot would be nice. However what I can see, is parts that are available at a Harbor Freight store. The bars suggest a US origin. The rear fender is the same as my trailer fenders. The rear sprocket looks like something off the shelf. So a Bitsa. Probably has a US made engine by B&S or Kohler or Tecumseh.
Find the frame number and enter it in Google.

It looks a lot like one I've see Tractor Supply selling. Those just had lawnmower engines it looked like. Probably fun. But googling Tractor Supply scooter doesn't show anything exactly like the tail of this one.
Ya, some sort of minibike - definitely not what TS is currently offering. My kids have an MP200 from TS and it's way different.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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