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I am an Italian PhD student at the University of Manchester, I will be staying in Manchester for at least the next 2.5 years and I would love to get a vespa to use here in the UK. I have been driving my PK 50 (1984) since I was 14 and I am just missing Vespas too much. I am looking for a used PX Disc 125 and found a couple of interesting options, but I am really struggling to find an insurance at a reasonable price. The cheapest quote I got was approximately 600£, but I cannot afford to spend more than 350£.

I am 22, been living in the UK since Sept 2014 and took my A1 Driving licence in Italy in 2012 (you need to be 16 to take the test back home), which allows me to drive up to 125cc bikes. I have also taken the A2 in Sept 2016, which allows me to drive up to 35 kW motorbikes. I live near Didsbury in south Manchester and the bike would be kept in a locked garage.

I am struggling to insert in the online websites my A1 licence, as the forms assume that I had to be at least 17 to take it. I am happy to insert voluntary excess and to use it only for leisure purposes.

Have you got any suggestions on what companies I should be looking for/ anything I can do to get a decent premium? I have even considered bringing a vespa from Italy and driving it with an italian insurance, but it looks like I there would be a limit of 6 months before I have to register it in the UK.

Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to your reply!


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I've used progressive for many years and they have the best rates for me. I can't even start to begin what your rates would be, just for the fact it's always different for each person based on their age, where they live, what bike they have, marital status, accidents in their past, whether it's garage kept, and about 20 other things they use to gauge the price.

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