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Thank you for that! I really appreciate your comment. Now I've changed the fuse box which was a total mess and also the solenoid. I got the green light and only ticking out of the solenoid ? So, I took the starter off and could hardly turn it by hand so I took it apart and it was a mess! Part of the copper was in the case broken off and the brushes worn to a nub. No wonder it wouldn't start! Now I've been on line to find a starter and can't find one that I can afford. My yamaha xj650 maxim sits in the garage again so I"m in a big search for the starter. It's a 1982 so pretty old and called all the dealers around here but no luck. I have no more ideas where to look so I might have to go to a different city to find a shop. Biker friend of mine is looking also. Got any ideas for me where to look? I sure need some help here. Thanks again.
Try eBay. Some bike salvage companies sell on there. I've bought parts for my '03 BMW from some of them and had good success. A quick search turns up a couple different starters for your bike.

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Don't paint all riders with the same brush. I used to stop to help stranded riders, but I learned pretty quickly that no good deed goes unpunished. There were many incidences, but the last time I stopped for a guy that ran out of gas, he made me wait until he got off his phone. Then when I offered him a few gallons of premix chainsaw gas (no charge) just to get him to the nearest gas station, he told me to put that s*** in my tank and go fetch him some fresh premium gas.
Yeah, I'll get right on that, have a nice day. I saw him on the way home over an hour later, he was still sitting there talking on his phone. Now I'll only offer assistance to elders or ladies just to prevent them from falling to predators.

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^^^^ Yep, what RG said. A rebuilder can take that shot starter and get the parts to make it better than new.

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I usually stop to help people or slow down and signal them to see if they are OK or not too and it's usually appreciated but I got that hostile reaction once too, I was very surprised.

I was eating breakfast in a diner, noticed a guy pull off the road across the street, look at his bike, etc, then just sit there on the curb looking at it. I finished my breakfast then walked over, wearing a bike jacket and carrying a helmet so there was no question I was a rider. I introduced myself and asked what was wrong, he said in a nasty tone, "I got a f$%^ing flat, I called already, I don't need any help" and turned away. I bit my tongue and walked away not saying a word....

I don't know if he was just a nasty guy in general, was angry about the flat and taking it out on me, or (my wife's theory) annoyed that a guy wearing a Victory jacket offered to help a guy with a Harley. His loss not mine, and he was in front of McDonald's and across the street from a diner on a nice spring day so he wasn't going to freeze or starve.

A few times that I stopped on the side of the road to do something people always either stopped or waved to me to see if I was OK so it seems to be the norm here still.
When was doing a lot of riding, I always have done a quick check on anyone who appears that they may need help. Never did have a nasty response. Had some friendly "thanks, but were okay" responses, and only had one incident where I was able to get someone back on the road. Actually it was my dad. He had all the gear to plug a guy's tire, with the canned air and all.
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