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I have a 94 Kawaski KE100 that I am using on the street and want to put some real brakes on the front, along with a 17" tire. Fork tubes are 30mm and there are none that size with a disc mount.
So a new front end is in order.

Is there a known fork/triple tree that will fit on this bike without too much hassle? I know the ball bearings are out of date, but I think I can get a conversion kit for tapered bearings.

I have a YZ80 17" front wheel ready to put on. I don't want more than 6" of travel though.

I'm also trying to keep the weight down and don't want something that goes on a 500lb bike. My bike is about 200lbs, and I'm 185. I bought a pair of 86 Rebel 250 forks/triple. They are just overkill and don't look to fit the headtube, and really wide.

Any help is appreciated.
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