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So I’m getting my motorcycle license/permit at the end of this month. It says you can’t drive with a passenger, during the night and on the freeway for 6 months, if you are under 21. How does that work if I turn 21 after 3 months of obtaining it? Anyone know? I don’t know who else to ask at this point ?
Forget trying to time it all out. Get your License, and do yourself and any potential rider(s) a favor. Vow that you WON’T take any riders until you’ve at least had one riding season under your belt.

You need time to “become one” with your bike, and to become familiar with your new frame of reference to the relationship between you and your surroundings (roads, traffic, etc).

Your life, and more importantly, the life of the person who is surrendering it to your ability to protect it, depends on your ability to cope, as the operator of a motorcycle.

Even a “well seasoned” owner/driver, who has any amount of common sense, will drive responsibly, and even choose NOT to drive their bike or take passengers, if conditions or their own limitations, tell them to NOT go.

The other bikers out there, are more interested in how capable you are, than how COOL you are!!

As for night riding, you can’t know til you do it, what it’s really like. The key is to make yourself as visible as you can.......with reflective clothing, easily seen lights and reflectors, etc.. take your TIME getting where you are going. They’ll see you better if you go slower.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with blind spots, and don’t be bashful about using your horn to let someone know your there.

Keep your head on a swivel, and expect the unexpected. Plan your way out of a potential problem BEFORE you get there (S.I.P.D.E.)
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