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Sorry about the angle of the pic. I can preview, but I have no way to rotate that I can find.
Anyway TT900 that needs a name is home after a long day.
Up at 0625, on the 0700 bus with the high school kids and the workers. Bus full with 24. Still dark before 7. On the ferry to the big island. John picked me up. Get to his place, getting TT900 ready, no plate. Back to ferry to my Island. Ozzy Dave phones, says he is at Kamp Krusty but I am not. I tell him my sad story. He gets the plate from inside my place and delivers it to the ferry. I go back to the big island, and get a cab to the home of TT900 that needs a name. Maybe Galahad. It is British.

Bolt the plate on, load gear and I am off. Bye bye John. Smooth baby. No clunk putting in gear. Motor and gearbox are smooth. Enough power. Did 80 mph. I think it will run well against other cruisers.
Compared to Yami the XS11. Very similar. Handles better. Gearbox much better, nicer ride, more comfortable, similar brakes, similar engine smoothness. Hydraulic clutch is nicer. All around a better bike.
Against Bluzu the SV1000. Very top heavy, a bit slow, does not stop as well, does not handle as well. I can understand why some cruiser riders must think I am a little strange, if I am talking about riding style and what not, if Bluzu is on my mind.

What is wrong: I do not like the look of the chain and sprocket. The side stand is too short by about 1 1/2 inches. The center stand is too long by about 1 inch. It is cold blooded to warm up. The battery sounds a bit weak. It seems to wiggle a bit at times. Could be the tyres or tyre pressure, could be the large fairing and all the boxes. Could be I am comparing it to Bluzu.
The seat is about an inch too high. I will read the book on the rear shock. It has been replaced by a better unit.

I have already added a club foot to the side stand, which now hits the center stand when it is up. The safety switch activates when it is about half way up. So that is not a problem. Tomorrow I will shorten the feet of the center stand. Then I can use it to and check the chain, check the tyre pressure and oil level.

The top box and saddle bags are nice. The saddle bags have fancy removable inner bags. I also have a fancy Triumph cover, and service manuals that I will look thru soon.

That is the news from Kamp Krusty. UK

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Sky, thank you. I wish I could do that.
Some things to spot in the pic. At the end of the shifter is vertical tube with a black cap. That is the dip stick. Just above that is a black knob. That is to adjust the rear shock. The fuel shut off is mounted in the small grey piece at the front of the seat.
Above the rear foot peg is an aluminium arm that folds out. That is the lifting handle for the center stand.

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