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Hey guys, I suddenly went from no used options to two good options in my price range. The first option is a 2009 ER6N with 22k on it. Looks to be in terrific shape, apart from maybe an inch or two long dent in the tank from it "hitting the side of the truck bed during transport". The spot is showing a bit of surface rust, but it could be fixed easily. No big deal. He says in runs great and there are no problems, just doesn't need it. He started the price at $4000 about two months ago and just text me now to say he dropped to $2500 today, meaning I bet I could shoot him $2000 and take it.

Parts I like: Upright riding position, parallel twin (I love torque), looks good in my opinion, and it's fuel injected (current bike is an '82 KZ550, and it's a pig in the winter. Hate having carbs.). Thing that concerns me: Mileage. 22k isn't a lot, but compared to the other bike...

The other bike is a 2002 YZF600R with 13k on it. Beautiful bike, looks factory fresh. Says there is a dime-sized dent in the tank, but hasn't been dropped or anything. Says it runs like new and doesn't have any trouble, just wants a cruiser instead. His price is $2000 firm.

Parts I like: Looks, mileage, commuter friendly for a sport bike, great track record in the bike world. Things that concern me: Comfortable enough? Also, still got those carbs... But maybe nice, newer carbs would work well, rather than my current 10 minute warm-up time (haven't put much money or time into the KZ, as it's just not a pleasant bike to ride. But it taught me how to ride, so that's good.)

Now, as for me, I commute and ride around country roads. I don't do track days, as we don't even have a track here to use. My price range is very low, making these bikes appealing (I'm buying a new bike because neither of my vehicles are reliable right now). I value a bike I can hop on and ride, as I ride year round. Think car replacement, hop on and get moving within a minute or two.

As for opinions, if the ER6 had the same mileage as the YZF, I'd go with the ER6 just from the fuel injection and seating standpoint, and after riding my friend's V-twin, I'm all about the V and parallel twins. But I have always drooled over the YZF, ever since I started riding, so I can't say I'd begrudge owning one of those (indeed, I'm a bit excited by the prospect).

What do you guys think? Should I be at all concerned about the mileage on the ER6? Part of me questions why he hasn't sold it in over a month. Do you think I'll truly enjoy the YZF, or just tolerate it until I can afford something else? Any insight you guys have I'd certainly appreciate!

Also, just want to point out, my price range really is about $2000, and I've done a LOT of looking. I've love an SV650 or something along those lines, but they just don't sell for that here. So these really are the two options at the moment.
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