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Triumphs: Meaningful differences between the Scrambler, Bonneville and Thruxton

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I have been doing a lot of looking at bikes and I have decided that I am going to go look at some Triumphs when I complete my class and get endorsed in about two weeks. Most of the bikes I have been looking at are in the 2006 to 2010 range. My budget is $7000, although I am finding most of them in the $5000 to $5500 area.

So far my favorite (I think) is the Scrambler with the two tone paint scheme, dual pipes on one side, and the chrome engine. I think it looks really sharp and I like how bright it is. I also like the similar look in the Bonneville, and recently I have taken a liking to the Thruxton, with the skunk stripe down the middle. There is a pretty cool red/white one for sale near me.

So aside from the looks and exhaust combinations, can anyone tell me if there are any real differences between the three models? I know the Scrambler was built on the Bonneville frame...does the Thruxton use essentially the same frame as well? I was told that one of the three was detuned and has less power than the others. Is this true? Also, the Thruxton is considerably more expensive and, as a result, used models appear to command more money as well. Anyone know why this is? Also, are they all in a similar weight range? I am trying to stay fairly light, just riding to work on city streets. I don't really know much about them and would like to educate myself. I have had somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen or so bikes and every single one has been Japanese.

These are the things that keep me awake at night. Please discuss ;)
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