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Video broadcast Tonight at 1/29/2019 10:15 EST Time on Youtube Channel Traveling Tall
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Just teasing us now.

Tonight is 1/28. Tomorrow is 1/29. We don't know what to do! :confused:

My guess is a Gold Wing....
my mistake, tonight 1/28/19

Well, that was fun. Thanks for the invite. Not to rain on your pleasure, but in the brief look I could get, your 2014 looked just about the same as the '19 one. Is there much difference?

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Yes, my 2014 didn't have ABS or Navigation. Also, the 2019 has a bigger motor. If it wasn't for ABS and Navigation, i would have probably kept my bike a little bit longer.
Thanks for watching.
Fantastic choice TT and again thanks for your always enjoyable video's:grin:

There is nothing like that new bike 'smell.':smile_big:

It's good to stay in the HD Fraternity since your expensive wardrobe won't have to be hung up and some other stuff bought:wink2:

GOD bless and be careful:smile:

Congrats on the 2019 SG ..
Congrats. But what I want to know is, how many coats of wax have you put on it already???:devil:
Stopped into a Harley Dealership in Georgia or South Carolina, on this recent vacation that we just got back from yesterday, and looked over the full dressers on the lot.

My better half wants the full back seat package like we had on our previous HD, so I鈥檇 be adding a few more options to the 2019, if it was 鈥渕e鈥 buying it.

Congratulations! Stay safe!!
You Harley guys make me want to swing a leg over one of those bad boys to feel what the hype is all about. :)

I adored the congratulations the dealership gave you. The only other brand I know does that is smart (car brand). It's that extra mile that makes you feel like you're part of some huge family. My local HD dealer also does sort of big bike events with burgers, hotdogs, and live music from local bands (and sometimes local radio station). Do any of the other motorcycle companies do this?
"Do any of the other motorcycle companies do this?" MM quote

Rarely or not like HD dealers do.

The "Hype" is that once a person joins the dealers HOG chapter (Harley owners group) you are part of the largest and most active motorcycle Fraternity in the world. They accept everyone and it is Family oriented too, with lots of activities, such as group and charity rides, picnics and dealer sponsored fashion shows, maintenance clinics and a once a month Club meeting.:grin:

I say this from vast motorcycle ownership experience: No other Manufacturer cares BEANS about you after the purchase. Some multi-brand Powersports Dealers have fun activities for their customers but not very many.

Better be careful Miss M. You know how you are when you get around a bike you don't have already.:grin: Harley's can be addicting but the are more reliable options to. Just won't have that bad boy image.
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