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Training with Idaho STAR

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Last weekend my wife and I visited her brother in Twin Falls, Idaho so I could take an advanced rider course with him. He and I learned a lot and had a great, but rather tiring time. It was 88 degrees when we finished - wearing full gear, so that added to the fatigue factor. He has A LOT of years experience over me, but also felt it was well worth the time and money - as did I with fewer miles and years on the saddle.

I cannot commend Idaho STAR highly enough. That was a quality training day from a well run organization. Idaho STAR - Idaho motorcycle training, Idaho motorcycle safety, Idaho motorcycle classes, Idaho motorcycle courses, Idaho Scooter, STAR Program, STARS Program, Idaho STAR motorcycle, Idaho STAR, Idaho motorcycle endorsement, Idaho motorcycle license, rider training program

Will and Harry gave us excellent, personalized attention and training. The group size is held down to insure they can pull that off.

I trailered Doctor Zee six hours to Twin Falls and had by far the lightest, most nimble bike of the group ... all others astride Harley, Indian, and other similar big road bikes. They pulled it off and learned a lot, but I was sure glad I was on Dr. Zee's 350 pound frame rather than my BMW's 550. None of the other students were astride anything less than 550 and some were as much as 1,000 pounds. I'm way too old and weak to do that.

At the end of the day, my shirtsleeve brother reported back to his sister that I was the only one who did not fall that day. Old and weak I might be, but I do know my limitations, have accepted them and try to live within their requirements.
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