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Track days in Arizona?

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I will be moving to AZ this summer; anyone do track days out there? I am looking for some intel...
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The only people I know in the southwest are in Houston, and from your other posts, I think you already have those track days covered.
There is aztracktime,
and also Road Race Southwest does trackdays sometimes with our race weekends. Usually on saturdays, and if its twin sprints, then on fridays.

Hope to see you out there!
I am sure you will see us; thanks for the info :D
We have a trackday on this saturday and racing all day on sunday. If ya make it out, come by and say hello. Look for my girls pink TZ 125 2 smoker, or just look for the smoke and weedeater sound!
look for the shop EP racing in prescot(i think) my buddy joe is sponcered by them and the owners name is matt. talk to him and he will set you up with all the track days.
Bump, trackday this sunday at Firebird West times.
IF anyone plans on heading out there, let me know so i can introduce myself and my girlfriend. Were usually easy to find, as she rides a Pink TZ yamaha smoking bike, and im the guy who gets to push her around, im the "starter" on the bike.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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