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So today was the first time I took my bike out in a while my bike was running really weird so ever since I bought it I went through many problems with it finally I switched spark plugs and it was running fine. Until it started to over heat I checked the coolant and it seemed fine so I looked at the little window for oil and it looked completely empty. Since I had just done an oil change when I got the bike about 2 months ago I thought it may have just burned off since I kept running the bike although it was acting weird. I put in another 4 quarts today without draining the rest and I might’ve screwed up big time. I ran it around my neighborhood everything fine but then I decided to run it to a friends house on the way there white heavy smoke cane out the exhaust but I thought nothing of it since I hadn’t ridden it in a while. I got to my friends everything seemed fine. On my way back I decided to do a pull and everything died on me. I realized that smoke was coming from the motor itself. And that something is leaking what could I have done....?
Put far too much oil in from the sounds of it. Stand the bike upright/ level, check window, if the oil is out of sight, simply drop the drain plug for a matter of seconds, recheck and do this until it is below or level to the top line.

You will get messy but it us necessary!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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