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To Grease Or Seize, That Is The Question

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Hopefully I'll be mounting my new tires on my '12 Super Glide soon. Been watching all the YouTube videos and starting to feel confident I can do it, even on a Harley.

On all my bikes over the years, when re-installing an axle, I gave it a light coat of wheel bearing grease. The YouTube videos call for anti-seize.

Eyeballed a HD forum and some say grease, some say anti-seize. It looks like to me, if I need to pull the axle in less than 20 years, grease will be okay.

Then some sites wandered off in to spark plugs and stuff that didn't interest me. Thought I would see what you home Harley mechanics thought, grease or anti-seize? :plain:
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Could be debated lots but will just say My Axle is doing fine with High Temp Grease on my 15 year old Dyna ..
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