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TL 125

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I'm considering buying a 1974 TL125, Runs and goes, all OG, even tires, still look good, tank a little beat up missing left side cover. What's it worth, and where could I find the side cover?
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You might find a sidecover on Ebay or on the sites listed below. Old bikes sometimes it's tough to tell their worth. A trials bike like that one does have a following of vintage trials riders so there is some collectability. Figure anywhere from $800 to $1200 for your bike from what I've read on this site.
i would reconsider....

Hey if you haven't already bought the bike...please reconsider. not that its a bad bike because it isn't. That bike was the first bike I owned, I don't have much experience with many different motorcycles but I know that bike well. It is a very reliable motorycle. really amazing for trail riding. I got through so many places with that bike while my friends with 4x4 atv's are getting stuck like mad. maintenance is very easy on the bike too...the only downfall are the availability of parts. I bought the last set of rings and gaskets from the honda dealer ships in canada. I phoned toronto, they found parts in winnipeg. I still have the bike but my camshaft went on it. I looked every where but I couldnt find any parts. the only way you will find parts is by talking to people and hoping they have an old tl in their garage. and if you do find one be prepared to pay a hell of a price for the parts. it is unfortunate because that bike is amazing. a very toughhh bike too. the bike I owned was originally my dad and his brothers bike as kids and they drove that bike through hell and back and she still ran. if the bike you are looking at runs well, hey go for it, and enjoy it. but you may not be able to fix it if she breaks down. talk to you later
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