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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a bike to cruise around on and made my friend really jealous so he went and did the same thing. Unforunately he bought his on ebay and without a title non the less. Hes had it a few days now and still hasnt registered it because he doesnt have title in hand. Is he gonna have a problem registering the bike? Is there anyway for him to get a title? Can he just register it with the BOS the guy gave him?

Lol wat an idiot, but thats my bud...if he wasnt stupid we probably wouldnt get along so well. Anyways...

We live in PA and I just moved here so im not to familiar with their laws and this is his first bike too so he has no clue either. Anyone got some input?
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The title needs to be transfered from the state where it was originally titled to Pa. as far as i can tell. I live in Pa., and bought a bike in Delaware. I brought the bike back with me and the title in my hand. No fooling around. I still insisted on a bill of sale too.
Here is a copy of the Pa. Code.
Best info will come from a good notary.
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I'm working on getting a title for an old bike. I'm using, saves a lot of problems.
Thanx a bunch. I'll make sure to pass this information on so we can get his bike on the road and get a lil riding in together b4 the nice stuff is gone til next year.

What kinda bike did you buy?
It's a 72 CB500. I have it sold as soon as the title is clear, doubled my investment. It takes about 4 weeks to do the title work.
I'm going to tell you one small helpful tip, go to one of those title places here in PA if you find you have no other option except to deal with Harrisburg and the DMV. You know what I mean, the ones that have the direct link to Harrisburg. I'm telling you Harrisburg is a pain in the ass to deal with in cases such as lost titles or whatnot, but those places make it easier.
:eek: I am a notary for Ohio, the routine may differ in pennsylvania but here in ohio it is a total pain in the rear to get a title when you have none. How it works here is If you have a bill of sale you can keep yourself out of trouble for recieving stolen property if that turns out to be the case but to obtain the title you had to file a petition through the courts and explain why they should grant you a title (and for this you have to go to the state capitol for court) or the other option is for if the previous title was filed in ohio(don't know about if they were from out of state) for a fee of course the clerk of courts will research the title and they have to contact the person who the title is registered to and ask them if they are willing to send the title in to clerk of courts office and allow it to be released from their name. If they feel like being a dick they can say no and say they want their property returned in which case you forfeit the vehicle. Its a crumby system to fight your way through. It also took over a month to get the title for the bike my brother bought. By the way with these places one hand ususally doesn't know what the other is doing, it wasn't until the third or fourth place that my brother called that said it was even possible to get a title so I advise you call every state agency under the moon until you get the answer you want. Otherwise try out the web site that guy put a link up for. I had never seen that before but I am bookmarking it just in case I have a need in the future. Good Luck to your buddy in his adventure with this one!
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I know it's too late for your buddy, but NEVER buy any kind of vehicle without the title. My friend who lives just south of Sturgiss told me that every year, people drive up there pulling a covered trailer and go home with a motorcycle, and it's NOT THEIR OWN! Motorcycles are just too darned easy to steal to buy without a valid title in hand when you complete the purchase. In Missouri, it's illegal to sell a vehicle of any kind without furnishing either the MSO or title on the spot. After waiting a week for the MSO on my daughter's Honda motor scooter, I had to go back and threaten the dealer with calling the Attorney General's office before he gave it to me. And that was a NEW scooter.
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