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You can leave the wheel on the bike, if you can lift it off the ground and clamp a pointer to the forks that nearly touches the rim. It helps to tie off the handlebar, to keep them from turning. As the wheel rotates, lightly tap each fork; properly set, they will all play nearly the same note, but any clunks or higher pitched notes indicate loose or over-tight spokes. If the pointer nearly touches at the corner of the rim, where it turns from the tire bead to the spoke area, you can see both the motions, or you can try setting up two, one parallel to the spokes, the other straight into the rim. Before attempting to adjust the tension, make sure you soak all the spoke nuts with a good penetrating oil overnight, to give it a chance to loosen the threads. Then try to loosen all of them a little, so you don't snap one. The rest is tediously going around, tighten/loosen to take out the wobble, and get them all the same tension. If the rim is actually bent, no amount of adjusting will correct it. They make torque wrenches for spokes, but knowing how much torque is proper is a problem, especially with old spokes.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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