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time to replace battery?

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1998 Honda VT750

Sometimes when I turn the key and push the starter switch, it buzzes and the lights shut off. Turn the key off and on, and the lights don't turn on.

I'd loosen the screws on the battery and tighten them up again, and then the lights come on and can start the engine.

While driving, especially when just starting to run, rev suddenly goes down even though I'm giving throttle.

The headlight and neutral indicator dim when I give throttle.

Is it time to replace the battery? It's about three years old, and I don't have a voltmeter.
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Did you clean the terminals and cable ends at the battery? Also, when you flex the cables, do they feel like wire should, or are they kind of stiff and 'crunchy'?
The battery is kind of old, but I've had them last longer. Poor cable connections will make a new battery act old.
Yes, I'd start by cleaning all the battery connections. The two on the battery and then the battery to frame. If you still have a problem then have it load tested before just buying another battery cause you might just hide the problem for a while and it will get you later on down the rode.
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