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Got the bike back together, and running well and dependably enough to create some more problems...or rather: the smoke coming out of the right pipe is enough to kill all the neighborhood mosquitos.

And I need a few tips. I've had the motor completely disassembled before (and I'm kicking myself that I didn't install the ring kit I bought when it was apart the first time).

  • I have no rebuild manual, so I cannot tell what clearances are good or bad for the piston, bore, and ring clearances
  • I used tribond to mate the top and bottom shells together, but I must have done a **** job, because this thing leaks like a sieve. Any tips on how to make a leak-free seal on this thing?
  • I had an engine shop perform a scuff job on the cylinders...not an overbore, but just to give rings something to wear in against

Lets just say I get into it and the bore to piston geometry is just too borqed to use...anyone know where I can get a donor jug to bore +1 over, and where to buy +1 pistons and rings?


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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