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We visited an R750GS, recently, and my spouse and I both were somewhat smitten. It's beautiful to behold, carries great luggage, and has an electronics suite to beat the band. My spouse sat on the bike and turned it on. The new cam timing seems to make a lovely, satisfying rumble. The whole package is very persuasive.

Then again, we know the engines are the first generation "made in China" effort from BMW, and the price tag seems a little high. But dang, it looks great, it sounds great, and that TFT display is fantastic.

Oh, and we can sit on the bike and touch the ground - a big plus.

Neither of us ride off road, so we're not worried about "Gelande-Strasse" capability. Strasse is enough.

The new 850 gets a lot of press, with miles of reviews about its adequate on-road and fabulous off-road capabilities. We can't touch the ground from that bike, so it might as well be on the moon for us. I'd like to see more thoughts on the 750.
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