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Thinking of getting a BMW K1200 GT

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Hi, I'm new here. I've got a Suzuki VZ800 which I've never been too happy with and which went down with total electrical failure in the port of Dover, England, immediately before crossing the first border of a 10-countries-in-10-days tour of Europe. All the hotels etc had been booked, so my wife & I had no choice other than to do the trip in a hire car as a hire bike couldn't have been arranged in time.

So, now that the Suzuki has volunteered itself as the donor bike for my forthcoming chopper project, I'm looking to buy a reliable, comfortable touring bike. It would almost never be used offroad and I'm not too concerned about top speed, although enough torque to breeze over the Alps is a must. My only experience of proper touring bikes has been a 2-week trip around California and Nevada on a hired Electra Glide which had been so detuned it was quite sluggish. I'm also not a fan of the amount of heat air-cooled motorcycles radiate.

After a little digging around, the BMW K1200 GT seems to fit the bill but I'm aware that my knowledge on the subject is very limited; would I be better off with a Gold Wing? Should I be considering a different BMW or a completely different make? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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