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The ride I’d love to make someday

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I’ve had it in my head to do this since I was about 7 years old. I’d love to start off in main because it’s geographically unique in the sense that’s it’s both as far north and as Far East that you can go in the connected 48 states. The plan is to ride down south (don’t exactly have a route planned out yet) at some point crossing the Appalachian mountains and heading down to Texas (far enough to see the border) then I’m thinking west into New Mexico strait north from there till I can cross the the Rockies. Once over that it’s back down south out of Utah and into Arizona (the only town I’ve thought out is Tomb Stone) from there I’m thinking west again into Nevada and then (I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this) into California on America’s loneliest road. I’ve always wanted to see Oregon (I’ve heard lots of stories from family on how it looks) so I’d go through it and into Washington hitting the furthest point west possible of the connection 48. Unfortunately a ways from being able to do it baby steps I suppose lol. Still need to get my first bike. Just thought I start this little discussion and see what everyone else thought would be the ideal ride.
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That's a significant challenge for a newbie. But it won't take that long to get accustom to whatever bike you ultimately end up on, There are just so many options for routes. If you enter Texas in Texarkana and ride diagonally to El Paso, you'll be right in line to hit Tombstone and on into Cali where you can take that long road on up to Washington, then figure out how you might want to hit Utah. Except for Utah, I've done that kind of route so many times it's boring now. It's a lot of riding so I hope you are physically fit as you'll find out, it's needed. Some bikes more than others.
Sounds like a great ride!
But yes, first you need a bike! LOL!!!
I did part of that last summer. Went from New Jersey down through
the Blue Ridge mountains and the Smokies down to Tennessee and
back. Great ride and beautiful scenery.
My dream ride at this point is to head west to Nevada to see my
brother who lives out there. But it takes time and money, both of
which are in short supply.
One of these days....
You have some great ride plans, get started riding locally and work up to it.
I've ridden the whole East coast, and up and down the Appalachians and Smokies, and as far west as Wyoming, but never down south and across that way. I'll get there one day.
If your riding down South and like mountains when you get to Virginia consider taking Skyline drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way , it takes 2 days to ride what you can do in 8 hours on Interstate 81 but it's so beautiful there its' well worth the time.
Zach, you never told us where you live, but I'll bet that you would be amazed at some
of the great riding areas that right in your backyard.
Zach, you never told us where you live, but I'll bet that you would be amazed at some
of the great riding areas that right in your backyard.
I’m actually in Missouri. I know there’s some great areas locally just from conversations with friends that ride this is more like a long term plan I have probably about 3 to 5 years out
The 4 Corners is a listed IBA Ride -
"The Four Corners rules are simple, you have 21 days to ride your motorcycle to these four cities around the country; Blaine, Washington, Madawaska, Maine, Key West, Florida and San Ysidro, California. You may start in any one of the corners, any time of year that you want, taking any route you wish."
USA Four Corners Tour Information
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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