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There is only ONE God and He rides a Harley Electra Glide or an Indian Chieftan or so I hear!;)

It was 57 Degrees early Sat morning, went up to 75! and 40 this Sunday Morning and only 55 this afternoon.

I have joined several local CAN-AM Spyder Clubs recently and the response I got was amazingly enthusiastic and welcoming.

A group ride is planned for this coming Wednesday from Marionville, MO about 50 miles from my Home and then a planned route that I'm not privy too at this time and then of course the obligatory Breakfast or Lunch stop.

So far these groups seem to be maybe 75% Women but I can live with that. :p

Let the FUN begin! Pictures will follow.

I'm sure I saw Him sitting behind me today, when a stopped car suddenly started to pull out in front of me on my right (rural 2 lane area). By then I was only about 30 yards away (45 mph),w/ a car coming opposite direction a bit ahead, almost put my ABS brakes to the test... and Thankfully the car stopped. Had my high vis vest & high beam on. Made eye contact as I passed by, but have to wonder...DUI? or just failed to see me?o_O (I could have gradually slowed a bit approaching the car while being careful that the driver did not misinterpret that.)
upper 80's today, finally got out for couple hours(y), everybody's brother & mother were out for a CA Sunday ride/drive.(n)
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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