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On The Road Again!
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So, I often stop to gas up my bike at the Quick Check station on
the center island of route 15 near me.
Most of the people there are nice, and some of them
are VERY nice, but there is one skinny-faced
kid there with a bad attitude. No "Hello" or "How's it going".
First words out of his mouth the last few times I was there
were "Stop it at the nearest dollar", said with bad attitude.
Well, tonight I'd had it. I said to him, "The bike has a small
tank as it is. Do you REALLY think I'm leaving here with less
than a full tank?". He made some snide remark and I said I'd
take it up with management inside. He said "You do that".
So I went inside and spoke to the woman manager. She
apologized and told me to get as much as I wanted any time
I was there. When I last saw her, she was headed for the gas
pumps and the skinny-faced kid. He obviously doesn't like his
job. Maybe she relieved him of that job after I left.
I can only hope.

P.S. I can only imagine how pissed he'd be if I came in
there with my Honda 90 which only holds a little over
a gallon of gas!

On The Road Again!
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Yes, the kid was being a dick.
Quick Check is a New Jersey based company that started with convenience stores years ago. Lately they've expanded into gas stations.
You haven't spoken to a gas station attendant because there are none in most of the US anymore. Only New Jersey and Oregon still require attendants.
The rest of the US is self service.

On The Road Again!
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The last time I was in New Jersey I think I gave the gas station attendant a minor heart attack. The station was pretty busy, and I forgot about the stupid law that says the attendant has to work the pump. I pulled up, put the hose in the tank of my SUV and started pumping the gas. I was just finishing when this guy runs over, literally screaming for me to STOP!. I topped off the tank, put the hose back in the pump and asked him if I needed to pay him or pay inside. He was actually purple with anger that I had filled up by myself. What a stupid state with stupid laws. When I add this experience to my knowledge of their draconian anti-gun laws, it only reinforces my impression that when I cross the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state line I am leaving the United States and entering a hostile and very foreign country.
Luckily, most gas attendants realize that bikers won't let them touch their bikes.
So they start the pump, then hand you the nozzle to fill the bike.
Every time I take a trip somewhere, when I return home I always say, "The biggest
mistake I always make is coming back to New Jersey."
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