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My funniest memory was when my wife and I were riding our CB750 through the Colorado mountains on our way home from CA to Mo and back home to sunny California. I had about maybe a gallon or less left in my 5 gallon tank and when I pulled up to the pumps I spied a little hand written sign that informed "MOTORCYCLE riders," that Minimum sales were for 5 gallons or more and if less was pumped, the person would still be charged for 5 gallons:sad:

I sauntered over to the small office and sitting in front was about 4 old FARTS and I asked if that sign was a joke and was informed in a manner that should have got his lights punched out that "We are tired of bikes pulling in here and just pumping a few gallons!" :plain:

I reminded him that on motorcycles that don't hold much fuel anyway, a few gallons can mean being okay or running out!

I looked at my map and found the next little town about 20 miles away and so I just turned around, got on the bike and rode away.:angel:

Truth: There were to many old BUTT HOLES there as witnesses or the outcome may have been much worse for 'old Grumpy.'

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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