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First words out of his mouth the last few times I was there
were "Stop it at the nearest dollar", said with bad attitude.
I'm guessing unemployment might be low in your area or they wouldn't have to put up with such as that.
Good help is hard to find you know.
That's one strange story anyway you look at it. Too lazy to make change? Never learned how to count? Doesn't like motorcycle riders? All of the above?

Reminds me of stopping for gas in a small Texas town called Dumas. Or as I've renamed it... Dumbazz.
I'd been on the road for three weeks, tired, hot, sore and ready for my own bed.
As I filled the tank I felt something warm in/on the wrist area of my only white long sleeve tee shirt. It was gasoline leaking from a hose at the nozzle.

I went in asking for a place to wash the gas off and told the attendant girl she needed to bag the leaking nozzle.

"I'm sorry sir, we are not allowed to do that." Said with an attitude.

Well give me a bag and I'll bag it then.

"I'm sorry sir I can't let you do that." Worse tude.

By then I'd had it!

You're going to get somebody blown up out there with that leaking gas and you'll get your pants sued right off of you because you've been told and yet you refuse to do anything about it!

"I've told my boss but he won't let me do anything with that pump" Still a big shot, less tude now though.

I went to wash off the gas as best I could.
When I came out she was on the phone telling someone "he said I said that but I never said anything like that". (Working her CYA lie).

I briefly explained the dangers of gasoline to the ENTIRE STORE and went on my.
That store was closed the last time I went thru Dumbazz....
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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