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Finally back on my Island after two trips to the frozen tundra, and the holiday season. What to ride? Roads are too salty for the newer bikes, so it is usually the 79 1100, or the 83 400.
Yami the 1100 fires up the best during the winter, but the last ride revealed the pipes are falling apart. So he is parked until fixed.

Two days ago rolled out the 400. Checked the battery that has been on the tender since ?? maybe 9 months or more. 11.55 volts. Not enuf, so used another bike battery to fire him up. Checked the volts while running on Deep Purple the 400. All good. Connected the other battery to the tender, all good. Need a new battery for DP. Old one is just on 5 years.

Up at 0630 this morning, in the dark. Walked up the road with flashlight in hand. $2.50 for bus to ferry. Ferry to big island, walked to Tims for breakfast, then to store for battery.
Have one here in an hour he said. Walk to local marina to bother my friend Patrick. Back to store, pick up battery, walk to ferry for 1155 crossing. Free for old farts Mon to Thursday.
Walking up steep hill after ferry, bus goes by while I was not looking. Walk a bit more, pulse around 150, stop, swear at the bus, and a nice lady picks me up, takes me to village and bus stop. I have a coffee break. Check the bus schedule and three of us can not figure it out. Not bus for me until after four.
I hitch a ride to the bottom of the Island near my place. Get out and notice the sign. Road Closed. The are still clearing up trees and power lines from the great blow B4 Christmas.
Walk about half a mile and hitch another ride to my place. 7 hours total.

Next time I will take my van cage to the top of the Island and park it there. Not sure why I did not think of this earlier.

Gotta go. Have a battery that needs acid inserted, and charged. Hopefully DP the mighty 400 will be back in service tomorrow.


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Your body just knew you needed the exercise I guess UK. So it blocked out the obvious solution.
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You should have taken a can of spinach with you Popeye
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