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Hi yall,
First off happy thanks giving. I was doing a quick rebuild on a 1972 xl 250 engine. When I seating the timing sprocket onto the cam, I heard a crack and doing a little further investigation I saw it was a small partial fracture /splintering in the plastic chain tensioner. I saw it was still putting tension on the chain so with my impulsivity I decided to put the engine back together. Anyways I put it back together and it runs as expected, before I take it for any more ride or start it again I just wanted to get some advice whether I should open it back up and replace it. Im a college student so I would rather not buy a price gouged oem piece of plastic but if it is needed I will. This is my first rebuild so pardon me if there is an obvious answer.
Below is a diagram of where the partial fracture is located on the timing chain tensioner.
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