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I have a brand new TaoTao DB-14 that was bought in January. Ran well one time, then hasn't run properly 2nd time out. Runs very rich and no idea why. Starts perfectly. Doesn't like throttle.

Replaced carb with Mikuni. Ran briefly for a few minutes but then stopped after bogging issue started at anything more than 1/8th throttle.

Adjusted air/fuel several times to no difference.
Adjusted clip on needle inside carb.
Adjusted float.
Used gasket sealer around header. Can confirm no air leak as of now. If air is getting into the system, I have no idea from where.
Cleaned gas tank and put in new gas.
Did a valve adjustment twice. (.007 intake/exhaust)
Changed the oil.
Cleaned the spark plug several times.
Adjusted throttle cable.
Lastly, bought and installed "racing" CDI. Now it just idles really high but bogs still.

I'm not a mechanic but have worked on my own motorcycles for years and have never had this level of difficulty.
I even tried a new carb that works on a friend's bike, and it would run briefly again but then go right back to the same symptoms. It seems to react to carb changes but not adjustments. I'm open to suggestions. Bought for my son to learn to ride. So far, he hasn't done any riding :(
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