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Taillight replacement

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I dropped my bike, gently. The right taillight cracked and broke. I got the parts from my local shop.
Yesterday I went out to do it and I am not sure I want to get that complicated.
I have to remove the chrome that supports the passenger seat, and maybe even the rider seat?
My Hayes repair manual arrives Friday so this could be my weekend project.

Should I attempt this, or bring it to a shop?

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Then along came Jones! and he fixed the tail lite! Yeah Jonesy, just take take a few minutes, look it over. You will probably want
a bit of hook-up wire and some crimps that you buy at an auto parts store, take a good look at every thing then as Critter says
take pics, make sure you have all the tools you need and this should work out just fine. chances R your cell phone's got a camera
in it. Way back b4 fancy-ass phones came along I just drew a reasonable sketch. . .That cold beer will taste even better when the
job is done. . . and the $$ u save will keep you gassed for a while.

That is a pretty nice Ride, Jones, had Honda's in the past and did very well with them, e.z. to work on and reliable.
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